Remcos v3.1.3 update


v3.1.3 | 01 Apr 2021

  • [+] Keylogger: Added unicode support. Now Keylogger supports almost all languages and keyboard layouts in the world, including European layouts, Russian, Arabic, Hindi
  • [+] Keylogger: Added logging for Alt, Ins, Win, and Menu keys
  • [+] Keylogger: Now possible to Search both offline and online logs
  • [+] Keylogger: Added Save Log button for Online keylogger
  • [+] Keylogger: Added Clear Log button for Online keylogger
  • [+] Keylogger: Added Zoom buttons
  • [+] Keylogger: Used filter keywords are now displayed (if keylogger is set in “Window Filter” mode)
  • [+] KeyLogger: Added unicode support for filter keywords
  • [*] Keylogger: Fixed keylogger unable to get keystrokes on Windows Server 2003
  • [*] Keylogger: Fixed not getting updated logs when clicking “Get Offline Logs” more then once
  • [*] Keylogger: Many GUI improvements
  • [*] Keylogger: log files now saved in UTF-16 format
  • [*] Keylogger: other improvements, optimizations and fixes
  • [+] ScreenLogger: Added unicode support for filter keywords
  • [*] ScreenLogger: Fixed memory leak in Remcos Agent: private working set bytes increased and not released after each screenshot
  • [+] Clipboard Manager: Added unicode support (all languages + special characters)
  • [*] Connection: Fixed TLS error which crashed Agent in rare cases
  • [*] Connection: Minor TLS optimizations
  • [*] CommandLine: Fixed remote command line function not working when closing it and reopening it again (bug introduced in v3.0.0)
  • [*] Control Center: Fixed Agent crash when closing Remcos Controller without closing Control Center form when remote system info still not retrieved
  • [*] Agent Builder: Minor GUI improvements
  • [!] Due to the above improvements, Keylogger, ScreenLogger, Clipboard Manager do not work with older versions Agents

Full changelog here.

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