Octopus Protector

Octopus Protector

Protection for your Software against Cracking


Protect your programs code
The original Portable Executable will be always fully encrypted on the hard disk.
However, when file is executed, it will work just like before!

Octopus Protector will enhance your protection against:

  • Modifying, Patching, Cracking your software;
  • Reverse Engineering and unwanted analysis;
  • Software Debuggers;
  • Virtual Machines;
  • PE Editors;
  • Hex Editors;
  • Other PE analysis software.

Maximum compatibility and performance
The small and fast C++ code of our loader
will run on any Windows from XP to 10, 32-64 bit, including Server versions.
It will not require any dependency to run,
just standard system libraries which come with any Windows installation.

  • Compatible with almost any native Portable Executable.
  • Many .net executables supported as well.