Octopus version changelog:


  • [+] Added two-level encryption
  • [*] GUI improvements on Builder
  • [*] Engine changes and updates


  • [*] Improvements and updates on the protection engine and memory execution methods;
  • [+] Added an Anti-MemoryScanner, which prevents the dumping of the unpacked executable. It can be set on Automatic mode (recommended), Forced On or Off.
  • [+] Added Automatic mode, which automatically selects the best execution method for the provided exe.
  • [*] Many loader code rewrites and changes, to suit updated protection;
  • [*] New, more user-friendly Binder GUI.
  • [*] Other minor changes and updates.

  • [*] Fixes to the Octopus startup method.

  •  [*] Changes and fixes on AntiVMware code.


  • [*] Improved loader engine, even more code is now encrypted.
  •     [*] Minor additions, changes and fixes
  • Now it is possible to crypt executables using the Process Replace method even with executables containing Thread Local Storage. TLS warning removed when trying to encrypt an executable containing TLS using the Process Replace method.
  • Added Terms of Use form.
  • Added notes on Builder info list when building a file with Anti-VMs enabled. This was added because of users asking why the file would not work, after running it inside a virtual machine with AntiVM enabled. –
  • Bugfixes
  • Minor GUI improvements
  • Now compatible with dotnet executables
  • Added Process Replace method (executes file in memory without spawning a new process)
  • Now can crypt a DLL, which is loaded directly in memory calling its entry point.
  • Some other changes related to AV false positives bypass
  • Added injection into default browser
  • Small fixes and improvements
  • New, more stealth startup method
  • Added UAC disable function
  • Some changes in startup method to bypass some heuristics
  • Added NoRegistry startup method
  • Added more anti-analysis options ( before there was only anti-sandboxie)
  • Possibility to select which binded files execute when inside analysis environment
  • Added melt option
  • Improved installation function (now copied file gets immediately executed and original process terminated; before it was needed to wait restart for the copied file to get executed.)
  • Various improvements on stub code
  • Added Installer function
2.0.8 and
  • Access violation error, which occurred sometimes when cloning icon, has been corrected.
  • Other fixes, mostly regarding icon/info cloning
  • Customizable execution delay (seconds/minutes) has been added;
  • Size adder (in KB / MB) has been added.
  • Changes to bypass AV false positives.
  • Faster loader execution, small improvements in builder.
  • Better error handling in builder, small fixes
  • Update to bypass new AV false positive.
  • Added autoretry option on USB copy function.
  • Update to bypass new AV false positive.
  • Bugfixes.
2.0 (June 2011)
  • Program has been rewritten from scratch in C++ (stub) and Delphi (builder). Improvement and new state of the art encryption techniques reached thanks to my experience during last years. Details on informations section.



  • Update to bypass latest Avira false positive.

1.5.3 – 1.5.4

  • Minor fixes.


  • Small update regarding bots: now it is possible to perform a quick test to be sure that the email sender works fine, directly by the builder, using the “Test email” button. An email will be sent to your address, and a text file will be created and will contain the list of receiver email addresses of the real delivery. In the test, the message is sent to noone except your email.
  • Added swedish language to MSN multilanguage bo.


  • Recodings to avoid latest idiotic AV false positives; now builder uses a C++ dll I wrote, to write data into stub. User interface is the same, there are no visible differences, all operations with the dll are carried out automatically; as always the user just needs to click “build” button and Octopus does all the rest!


  • Added e-mail bot;
  • Added online authentication system, improved anticracking protection.


  • Now it is possible to set custom parameters to executed files (You can set them from Binder Menu, by right click on binder list)

  • Corrected a small bug in Resource Cloner

  • Various recodings


  • Updates to avoid AV false positives


  • Added shell parameters support for binded files


  • Improvements in stub code: less static parts


  • Added file compression function

  • Added MSN bot

  • All installation paths (binder, downloader, installer) are now dynamic (user can still choose a custom fixed path).


  • Added File Icon / Informations changer

  • Added Size adder

  • Added builder informations listview

  • Added Quick Options menu and Right Click Binder Menu

  • Various improvements / changes / bugfixes / recodings


  • Added external stub option

  • Various bug corrections / changes / improvements / recodings


  • Added binder

  • Added installer

  • Improved downloader from simple to multidownloader

  • Bug corrections


1.0 (September 2009)

  • First version to be produced