ViottoKeylogger Changelog


First (public only) release of this keylogger.



Second (public only) release of this keylogger.

  • Added send logs to e-mail
  • Decreased server size (40 kb –> 32 kb), improved code
  • New and better Graphical User Interface
  • Added a routine to put keylogger in a standby mode when user is idle (keylogging and other functions are suspended); this should help to preserve memory usage
  • Now on logs are displayed minutes of user idle time



  • Much of the server code has been rewritten and improved. Keylogging method has been changed with a more advanced one: up to version 2 this keylogger used GetAsyncKeyState API to get keystrokes; now it uses keyboard hooking and that API has been totally removed.

Advantages of keyboard hook method:

  • Never misses a keystroke;
  • Keylogger consumes less system resources;
  • No need anymore to set a timer for keylogging interval: Keystrokes are always logged. If Windows gets the keypress, keylogger gets it too.
  • Settings are no more written on EOF; now the keylogger is easily compatible with any crypter or other support program.
  • Now it is logged launch and termination time (when the KL is started, and when it is terminated, for example when system is being turned off).
  • Added option to run keylogger in visible mode;
  • Added button to send a test file from client to FTP to quicky be sure connection works;
  • Many bug corrections, improved stability of both client and server.
  • Selective logging: added function to activate keylogger only when active window contains one or more words that you can specify (for example “hotmail;msn;somewebsitename”); with this function can be logged only windows or websites that you want. It’s the best option if you want to get only some specified password orlogin details. (Private only)
  • Added function to get screenshots and save them locally or send them to e-mail and/or FTP. (Private only)
  • Clipboard is logged. (Private only)
  • Added 2 more triggers for sending logs: Clock trigger and Timer trigger. (Private only)
  • Added function to crypt logs, and a logs decrypter has been added in the client, in case logs are saved locally (otherwise logs are decrypted automatically when sending to e-mail or FTP). (Private only)
  • Automatic version updater: when launched, the builder automatically checks if  updates are available. If yes, a prompt will appear asking if you want to download new version or not. (Private only)


3.0.1 (30/07/2010)

  • Fixed “Type mismatch” runtime error that sometimes occurred as soon as the keylogger (server) was executed.


3.0.2 (05/08/2010)

  • Previous 3.0.1 fix worked only in some cases. This new fix should solve the error permanently.


3.0.3 Private (09/08/ 2010)

  • Corrected a bug in the online check which caused a runtime error in some cases when opening builder. Previous private versions will not work anymore since online check is changed: all customers must update to this version.


3.1 Private (21/09/2011)
  • Added the option to enable/disable clipboard logging.
  • Corrected runtime error 521: “Can’t open clipboard” which happened sporadically when copying/pasting text.
  • Other small changes


3.1.1 Private (23/9/2011)

  • Added the function to compress the keylogger file: if compressed, size will be reduced from 72 KB to 26 KB
  • Screenshot capture interval is not limited anymore. Before it was limited between 5 and 120 minutes.


3.2 Private (2016)

  • Added Force Relogin function (clears all cookies and stored logins from IE/Firefox/Chrome)
  • Improved display of logs
  • Other small fixes/improvements