CyberGuard Anti-Malware

Dear customers,
We proudly announce the completion of a project which took over 2 years of development and hard work.

CyberGuard is a new Anti-Malware solution, designed to be lightweight yet effective.

CyberGuard can block the majority of malware, including: viruses, ransomware, trojan horses, backdoors.
Thanks to its behavioral scanner, CyberGuard can block malware even if encrypted or undetected by signature based scanners.

How does CyberGuard work?

CyberGuard uses a combination of various techniques to detect threats.
Static Scanner: Scans file signature, to help evaluate process trust level
Behavior Scanner: Scans process suspicious actions in runtime
Network Scanner: scans network and blocks backdoors, trojan downloaders, remote access trojans, etc.
File Access Scanner: protects your sensible files from hackers and ransomware
Process Access Scanner: Scans for injection attemps or writing into external processes memory

All the process activity monitoring is performed at kernel level through a driver.
Kernel Level Monitoring provides an efficient and powerful technique for system-wide protection.

You can download CyberGuard for free or purchase it at our shop.

You can find more info in its official webpage.
You can also see it in action against some malware in the videos below:

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