Meteorite Downloader is a free, lightweight
File Downloader & Application Installer.
  • Create tiny, convenient setup launchers (Just 7 kb size)
    which will download and install all the necessary files automatically.
  • Update your files online anytime
    while distributing always the same Downloader file.
  • Have the convenience to carry just a tiny, portable, single file (7 kb),
    which can then download and install multiple files easily and anytime.
  • Any file type, size and number is supported.


  • Create tiny setup files (7 kb)
  • Compatible with any Windows, from WinXP to Win11, 32/64 bit
  • No extra dependencies or frameworks required
  • Any file type/extension supported (.exe, .txt, .jpg, .any)
  • Unlimited number of files supported
  • Possible to update your files online anytime, keeping the same download URL
  • Coded in fully native Visual Basic 6
  • Included UPX Compressor to shrink installer file up to 7kb
  • Installation functions
  • Delay function
  • Open Webpage function
  • Test Download function