CyberGuard| Our privacy-focused AntiMalware

Spot malware with CyberGuard!CyberGuard is a privacy focused AntiMalware.Unlike other antimalware products,CyberGuard does not distribute your files or leak your data outside of your system.Watch our new presentation video to find out more!

Remcos v3.3.0 Update

v3.3.0 | 02 Oct 2021 Remcos v3.3.0 is an update which features improved connection stability,the resolution of various errors,and quality-of-life improvements. A lot of work has been put in testing and improving the connection protocol to make it extremely robust. [*] Connection: Improved handling of many connections[*] Connection: Improved multithreading for better stability and performance[*] KeepAlive: Improved KeepAlive system for a…

Remcos v3.2.1 update

v3.2.1 | 09 Sep 2021 [*] Remote CommandLine: Fixed error which stuck commandline, preventing to send commands and receive output[*] Control Center: now the “Local Connection Address” field gets updated if Remcos Agent reconnects using a different address[*] Minor GUI fixes Full Remcos changelog here.

New open source tool: Shellcode Loader

Dear users, We just released a new cybersecurity tool.Shellcode Loader is a command-line tool to test shellcodes.It is written in C and provided open source. Works on any Windows from WinXP up to Win10. Shellcode Loader provides 3 different shellcode loading methods: Inline ASMC FunctionCallWindowProc You can freely download it on its page on our website.

Remcos v3.2.0 release

We just released Remcos v3.2.0, which includes new cool features, such as the ability to build your Agents as Shellcode or DLL, as well as stability fixes.As always, you can update directly from your Remcos program, or download the package from our website. Changelog v3.2.0 | 30 Jul 2021 [+] Added option to Build DLL Agents[+] Added option to Build Shellcode…

[50% Discount] Remcos 5° birthday

Dear Members, We are proud to celebrate with you today 5 yearsof successful life and active service of our Remcos software! Remcos v1.0 has been released on 21 July 2016.Since then, we have constantly been working hard to improve it. These 5 years, along with you, we have been proving together the solidity and quality of our products and services.We added…

Website domains

Dear members,  Recently, we purchased the new domains and, which are both pointing to the original and primary domain BreakingSecurity.netWe opened a poll asking for your opinion,about which name to keep as the primary one. Which name is more unique, memorable, and sticks to the mind for longer?Which name suits our company best?  All of the names rapresent us:we specialize…

Remcos v3.1.5 update

v3.1.5 | 18 Jun 2021 [+] Agent Builder: added Button to quickly open builder output folder[*] AutoTasks: Fixed Keylogs Download function not collecting logs[*] AutoTasks: Now Uninstall AutoTask waits for all the other tasks to finish before uninstalling[*] AutoTasks: improved events in Event Viewer[*] AutoTasks: Other minor functionality fixes and GUI improvements[*] ScreenCapture: Fixed access violation error when closing form when…

Remcos v3.1.4 update

v3.1.4 | 06 Apr 2021 [*] Keylogger: Formatting improvements Full changelog:

Remcos v3.1.3 update

Changelog v3.1.3 | 01 Apr 2021 [+] Keylogger: Added unicode support. Now Keylogger supports almost all languages and keyboard layouts in the world, including European layouts, Russian, Arabic, Hindi[+] Keylogger: Added logging for Alt, Ins, Win, and Menu keys[+] Keylogger: Now possible to Search both offline and online logs[+] Keylogger: Added Save Log button for Online keylogger[+] Keylogger: Added Clear Log…