Remcos v5.1 Update

➕Added /info Telegram command:
The /info command is used to view info about a specific computer, such as CPU, RAM, Uptime, Idle Time etc.

➕Added /notifications Telegram command:
The /notifications on/off command is used to enable or disable connection and disconnection telegram notification.

➕ Event Log: Added switch to enable/disable invalid connection attempt notifications.
Invalid connection notifications are useful to troubleshoot connection errors and misconfigurations,
so they are enabled by default.

🔩 Fixed some commands such as /refresh not working when an invalid agent was selected
🔩 Other minor improvements and tweaks

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🚀 [Free Utility] Introducing Our New Port Checker Tool!

🔍 Audit your network’s functionality and security with our new free Port Checker.
This web-based utility allows you to verify the status of specific network ports,
ensuring they are open and functioning correctly.

ℹ️ What is a Port Checker?
A Port Checker is a diagnostic tool that tests the status of network ports on a computer or server.
It helps you determine if ports are open and accessible, crucial for troubleshooting network issues and verifying port forwarding.

ℹ️ Benefits of Using a Port Checker:
· Troubleshoot Network Issues
· Verify Port Forwarding
· Enhance Security
· Ensure Service Availability

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Introducing Remcos v5.0: Control Your Computers from your mobile devices

We are excited to announce the release of Remcos v5.0.0, the latest version of our powerful remote control software.
This update brings a game-changing feature that will enhance your remote management capabilities:
Now, you can control your computers from your phone or any device, using the Telegram app or a web browser.

Control Your Computers from Anywhere

With Remcos v5.0, managing your systems has never been easier.
The new Telegram bot allows you to interact with your computers directly from your Telegram account.
Whether you’re using a smartphone, tablet, or browser, you can seamlessly monitor and control your devices from anywhere in the world.

Key Features of the Remcos Telegram Bot

Real-Time Monitoring and Notifications

Stay informed about the status of your computers with real-time notifications.
The Remcos Telegram bot will keep you updated on important events and alerts, ensuring that you are always aware of what’s happening with your systems.
Whether it’s a new connection, disconnection, or a specific alert you set, the bot has got you covered.

Send Commands Effortlessly

With the Remcos Telegram bot, sending commands to your computers is as simple as sending a message.
You can execute various commands, such as taking screenshots, restarting, shutting down, running specific programs, even opening a remote shell,
all through the convenience of your Telegram chat.
No need to be physically present, everything is at your fingertips.

Take Screenshots and More

Need to see what’s happening on your remote computers?
The Remcos Telegram bot allows you to take screenshots and view them instantly.
This feature is perfect for monitoring activity, troubleshooting issues, or simply keeping an eye on your systems.

Comprehensive Remote Management

The Remcos Telegram bot is designed to provide comprehensive remote management capabilities.
Here are some of the things you can do with it:

  • Monitor Computer Activity: Keep track of what your computers are doing, in real-time.
  • Get Notifications: Receive alerts and notifications for various events and activities.
  • Send Commands: Execute commands on your remote systems with ease.
  • Take Screenshots: Capture and view screenshots of your remote desktops.
  • Run Scripts and Programs: Trigger specific scripts or applications remotely.
  • Download Files: Download and execute files, install programs remotely.

How to Get Started

Getting started with the Remcos Telegram bot is straightforward. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Update to Remcos v5.0.0: Ensure you have the latest version of Remcos installed on your systems.
  2. Set Up the Telegram Bot: In Telegram, start a Chat with @RemcosBot.
  3. Configure Remcos: In Remcos Controller -> Local Settings -> Telegram Bot, insert your chat ID and press start.
  4. Start Controlling Your Computers: Begin using the bot to monitor and control your devices from your Telegram app.

Set user activity alerts on your phone

With the Activity Notification function you can set alerts on various events, such as when specific programs are used or specific webpages are opened.
Now with Remcos v5.0, you will receive notifications in real time directly on your phone.

Activity Notification function

More new features in the v5.0 Update

In the Remcos v5.0 update, a new AutoTask is added: HTTP Get.
With the HTTP Get Autotask, you can trigger custom HTTP/HTTPS Get requests on computer connection.
This function is useful to send notifications to your custom panels or apps.

Find the full list of changes in the Remcos Changelog.

Infrastructure upgrade

We moved Remcos system and part of our infrastructure to a better and faster server, with higher performance and faster speed.
As the previous server, our new server is also 100% powered by clean green energy.


Remcos v5.0.0 with Telegram bot integration is a revolutionary update that brings unparalleled convenience and control to your remote management tasks.
Whether you’re a cybersecurity professional, a system administrator, or simply someone who needs to manage multiple computers,
the Remcos Telegram bot is a powerful tool that will make your life easier.

Download Remcos v5.0 today and experience the future of remote control software.
Control your computers from your telephone or any device, using the Remcos Telegram bot.

Remcos can be downloaded and purchased from it official webpage on this website.

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CyberGuard v2.1 Update

CyberGuard is an essential security tool to monitor and protect your computer from a variety of threats:

  • Malware and Viruses of any kind;
  • Unwanted surveillance or telemetry;
  • Unwanted data collection.

CyberGuard combines the functionality of an AntiMalware, a Firewall and an IDPS (Intrusion Detection & Prevention System).
CyberGuard is designed to be lightweight, fast, effective, and, on top of that, it protects your privacy in addition to your security, as it does not leak or distribute your files!


Version 2.1 Update:

  • 🛡 File Scanner: Improvements to the engine for better threat detection accuracy
  • 📡 Network Scanner: Added monitoring of TCP port opens
  • 🎨 Activity Monitor: Added button to filter out low importance activity
  • 🔩 Error Fix: Fixed some process activity not showing in the event log
  • 🔩 Code optimizations: Various code optimizations and improvements

Full CyberGuard changelog here.

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Remcos v4.9.4 Update

🔩 Stability: Fixed Remcos Controller errors after resuming an RDP session, due to DPI corruption of toolbars.
🔑Password Recovery: Added support for latest versions of Thunderbird.
🎨 GUI: Improved behavior of tray icon. Now can use a single click to quickly show and hide Remcos.
🎨 GUI: Added more informative popup hints to some options for better user friendliness.
🔩 Now the public IP is displayed by default on Local Settings and Agent Builder for an easier configuration.
🔩 Other minor improvements and fixes.

✅ Note: No need to update your old agents to get advantage of the latest update.
Thanks to Remcos modular design, improvements were applied to plugin modules and do not require an agent rebuild.

Full Remcos Changelog here.

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[New Open Source Tool] File To ByteArray Converter

Our latest open source release:
File To ByteArray Converter is a simple tool designed to convert files into byte arrays.

This open-source utility is useful for developers, cybersecurity professionals,
and anyone in need of analyzing or manipulating file data at the byte level.


  • Easy to use interface for converting any file to a byte array.
  • Supports any file type.
  • Can add custom prefix for each byte.
  • Open-source: freely modify and distribute.
  • Fast, coded in native Delphi.


Practical Usage Examples

  • Transform file code into readable format
  • Employ in projects, research or tasks involving file manipulation, data analysis,
    or studying file formats at the byte level, providing a practical tool for various data processing tasks.
  • Embedding files into source code, scripts and executables:
    Embed file code of any kind into your application.

Example results:

Processing a txt file containing text “Hello World” produces the following output:

C Byte Array:
BYTE ByteArray[] = {72, 101, 108, 108, 111, 32, 87, 111, 114, 108, 100, };



Download and more info here.

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[Major Update] CyberGuard v2.0

CyberGuard is an essential security tool to monitor and protect your computer from a variety of threats:

  • Malware and Viruses of any kind;
  • Unwanted surveillance or telemetry;
  • Unwanted data collection.

CyberGuard combines the functionality of an AntiMalware, a Firewall and an IDPS (Intrusion Detection & Prevention System).
CyberGuard is designed to be lightweight, fast, effective, and, on top of that, it protects your privacy in addition to your security, as it does not leak or distribute your files!



Active Protection

CyberGuard automatically blocks threats, but leaves control and the ultimate decision to the user.
CyberGuard provides the user with an informed decision on what a process does and if any further decision is required.

In this update, the scanner received various improvements.

Process Manager

The Process Manager provides an overview of the running processes and their security level and trust.
The security level is evaluated by CyberGuard based on its scanners and rules.
You can view with the glimpse of an eye if there is any suspicious process running, and you can set permissions for any process.



Network Manager

The Network Manager displays all the important details of all the active inbound and outbound connections from your system.
It is a powerful tool to monitor any suspicious activity, get informative details on connection IP addresses and to whom they belong,
and, of course, set rules and restrictions if necessary.



IP Blacklist

With the IP blacklist you can monitor and block any IP address that you want.
This feature is extremely useful to block unwanted telemetry, ads, protect your privacy, and block access to unwanted websites.



Restriction Rules

You can set custom restrictions to any process.
For example, you can keep a process running as usual, but prevent it from accessing the internet.

Many programs send unwanted telemetry or data, and this is an extremely effective way to use these programs while preserving your privacy.



Activity Viewer

The Activity Viewer displays in real time info on the activity running in the system, such as file, process, and network access from any process at any moment.
The Activity Viewer is an essential instrument to keep track of everything that is going on in your system and monitor any process activity.



… and much more!

The list of improvements goes on and includes many more improvements and error fixes:

[+] Added Process Manager
[+] Added Network Viewer
[+] Added IP Blacklist
[+] Added “Block Process” function
[+] Added “Restrict Process function
[*] Fixed crash when disabling protection while pending actions where waiting.
[*] Fixed hang system bug, happening when GUI crashed or freezed.
[*] Fixed access violation error when clicking on empty space in Activity tab
[*] Removed flickering on activity log
[*] Fixed wrong number of pending actions showing in Actions tab in some cases
[*] Updater improved: now added option to execute and install the new update
[*] Updater: Fixed error of unable to save file in some cases
[*] Fixed CyberGuard process not completely closing when Auto Startup was ON
[*] CyberGuard Dll converted from C to C++
[*] Various other minor improvements and fixes.


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[Video] Bypass Censorship and Nationwide Firewalls using Remcos
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How to unlock free internet when our network is heavily censored?

In some cases we cannot access or use a VPN due to the network restrictions.
In this new video we show how to bypass nation-wide firewalls using Remcos, taking as an example the Great Firewall of China.

In China, internet is heavily censored and restricted. Most of the websites and services used in other parts of the world are not accessible from mainland China.
In the recent times, more restrictive rules are being applied to the Firewall. For example, almost any VPN website is inaccessible, and some VPN connections and IP are detected and blocked.
Let’s see how can we unlock free internet when our network is heavily restricted and we cannot access or use a VPN.

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Remcos v4.9.3 Update
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This update includes an improved Event Log and an improved Keylogger.

📑Event Log Improved:
Now it is possible to sort Event Log by any column (Computer Name, Event Type, Time Ascending/Descending, …).
The Event Log txt file can be saved in the sorted format.
When new events are added to the event log, they will be automatically sorted in the preferred format.

Moreover, now it is possible to pause and resume event logging.

⌨️ Keylogger Improved:
Fixed conflicts when using the accent keys in some keyboard layout, including Spanish and French.
Minor GUI improvements.

View Full Changelog here.

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