Poseidon Mailer

Poseidon Mailer

Powerful and Reliable Mass Mailer.

Poseidon Mailer is a simple yet powerful SMTP Mailer.
A tool useful for mailing campaigns and to test the security of your email server.

Fast Delivery

Easy setup.
Send thousands of emails within minutes.

HTML support

Write and send emails with full html support.

Attachment support

Any file type supported.

Encrypted Emails

Supports TLS/SSL protocols

Compatible with any Windows

from WinXP to Win10, 32/64 bit.
Coded in native Delphi,
no framework/dependency needed.

Save/Load mail lists

Quickly load thousands of email addresses from text files.
Export mail lists to file and load them anytime.

Event Log

Track delivery times,
view useful info

Tailor it your needs

Compatible with most SMTP servers.
SMTP details are saved for faster usage.

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