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Control remotely your computers,
anywhere in the world.

Remcos is a lightweight, fast and highly customizable Remote Administration Tool
with a wide array of functionalities.

Usage Cases

Control at the same time
all the terminals of your

Internet Cafè
LAN Gaming Center
School / University
Exam Sessions
Vending Machines
Embedded Systems
Organization operating on multiple locations

Remote administration using Remcos


Works on any Windows

WinXP to Win11
32-64 bit
Including Server editions
No .net framework or extra dependencies required!

Fast & Lightweight

Compiled in fully native,
high performance code,
in C++ and Delphi programming languages.

Secure Connection

Connection is secured using the highest technology standard:
TLS 1.3
with AES-128 encryption, Forward Secrecy and Mutual Authentication.

Robust Connection

Safety systems to prevent connection loss with remote machines:
Connection KeepAlive,
Backup Connection Addresses,
and Watchdog module.


Control one, many or all your machines at the same time.
All functions can be operated simoultaneously.

Remote Screen

with control via mouse/keyboard

File Manager

Browse files and directories, upload/download files, delete/remove files and more

File Search

Perform a fast File Search on your entire network of remote computers.

System Managers

Process Manager, Service Manager, Registry Editor, and more

Power Options

Switch off, restart, hibernate, sleep

CommandLine & Scripting

Remote Shell and remote script execution (VBScript, JavaScript, Batch).
Scripts can also be executed on the entire network at the same time.

Extensively Customizable

Many options to tweak Remcos to suit your needs.

A wide array of functions,
contained in a small package.

What our customers say

Mauro Bollini,

Security Engineer

As a professional Penetration Tester I love Remcos so much! It’s stable and fast, gives me all the options needed to achive my engagement objectives. I’m using it to manage my work computers too, cheaper then Teamviewer and similar tools. Recommended!!! The best remote admin tool around right now.




I’ve been a customer of multiple remote access solutions over the past few years, each option with their respective pros and cons.
Sometimes it’s been about connection stability or security, lack of features or sometimes having too many unnecessary features, poorly packaged into an oversized client.
Throughout the past ~1.5 years I’ve being testing and trialing Remcos Remote Control sofware, it has continuously set the gold standard of to which other solutions try to replicate or match with no clear runner-up.



Remcos exceeds expectations and pushes the competitive landscape of Remote Administrative solutions to new heights.

Management of your computers in any location is made easy thanks to an ergonomic user interface and comprehensive features as simple and intuitive as they should be.
From surveillance management and remote control functionality to the flawless anti-theft features that are lightweight and impactful, it is an ideal solution for computer security, remote administrative support, and management.

No matter if you’re a business professional or an individual, Remcos offers convenient solutions without any additional software dependencies; just click build and deploy the agent to your computers.

To anyone looking for an easy-to-use and reliable remote administration tool, I highly recommend this software — it’s simply superb.


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