Knowledge is Power

We are a CyberSecurity software house
with over 14 years of experience in the field.
Our mission: provide high quality security solutions.

Cyber Security

We are developers of several CyberSecurity software,
aiming for high quality and customer satisfaction.
Technologies we develop range from System Security to Penetration Testing and Surveillance.

Ethical Hacking

We are expert in advanced hacking techniques,
to use in penetration tests and security audits.
Knowledge of attacking techniques is essential
to develop suitable countermeasures.

Software Engineering

Over 14 years of experience in software development, with various programming languages.

Lessons, Courses, Consulting

Consulting, courses and training on CyberSecurity, Ethical Hacking and Software Engineering.

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Our Software



All-Inclusive protection for your system.
Anti-Virus, Anti-Intrusion, Anti-Ransomware
CyberGuard AntiMalware


Remote Control

Control remotely your computers,
anywhere in the world.
Remcos Remote Control

Viotto Keylogger

Surveillance and monitoring of your computers,
locally or remotely.
Viotto Keylogger

Poseidon Mailer

SMTP-Powered Mass Mailer.
Send mail campaigns, and test the security of your email service.

Meteorite Downloader

File Downloader & Application Installer.
Free, Lightweight & Reliable.


Pack multiple files into one, and create installation packages.
Reliable, free and open source, coded in VB6.


Encryption Algorithm

Open source, symmetric key block cipher.

Shellcode Loader

Open source tool to test shellcodes.
Shellcode Loader

File To ByteArray Converter

Convert a file into a formatted array of bytes.

Administrator Switchboard

Quickly enable or disable different Windows services and functions.


Keep your Windows clock synchronized
with this small free utility.

Viotto Ocx Registrator

Viotto OCX Registrator is a simple tool to install, register and unregister OCX files.
It is released free and open source.

Source Codes

Miscellaneous source codes,
which include encryption algorithms and Windows utilities.