Viotto Binder   

Join multiple files into one, and create installation packages.
Free and open source, coded in VB6.

Viotto Binder is an open-source utility useful in many scenarios:

  • Create simple, reliable installers.
    Viotto Binder can install all the files of your application in the desired folders.
  • Prepare penetration testing sessions and demos.
    Penetration Testers, Ethical Hackers, Cybersecurity Instructors need reliable, transparent tools to achieve positive results and provide efficient courses.
  • Learn and practice programming and cybersecurity.
    thanks to the Open Source license of the tool.
Key Features:
  • Bind together any number and type of file into one executable
  • Function to compress each file separately before binding, using UPX packer
  • Tiny stub size: 12 kb
  • Compatible from WinXP to Win10
  • Native VB6, no extra dependencies required
  • Simple, compact, reliable and OpenSource.
  • Seven default drop paths, or custom path:

~ Application path (where dropper gets executed)
~ Temp (C:Documents and settingsUsernameLocal settingsTemp)
~ Root (C:)
~ Windows (C:Windows)
~ System32 (C:Windowssystem32)
~ ProgramFiles (C:Program files)
~ AppData (C:Documents and settingsUsernameApplication Data)
~ Custom

Version changelog:


  • Removed CommonDialog component / comdlg32.ocx dependency:
    Now the Open/Save FileDialog is created dinamically, by calling comdlg32.dll functions. This removes the need of ocx file, and offers a small performance improvement as well.
  • Fixed bug which allowed the user to enter unexisting input file paths.
  • Form is now resizeable.
  • Program remained open if main form was closed while a secondary one was opened. Fixed.
  • Now you can enter custom filename and custom path also by pressing enter, along with the usual OK button.
  • Other minor improvements/changes.


  • The method to add settings has been changed from 1.0.
    1.0 added data at End Of File, 1.1 adds it as a PE resource.

v1.0 (14 october 2009):

  • First version of Viotto Binder, released open source.