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Unlock the full power at your fingertips with Remcos Professional Edition!

Remcos is a lightweight, fast and highly customizable Remote Administration Tool
with a wide array of functionalities.

Any Remcos Professional license includes:

• Unlimited controlled machines
With Remcos Professional you can connect and administer an unlimited number of remote machines at the same time.

• Updates
Get the latest software updates as soon as they get released.

• Instruction Manual + Videotutorials
Remcos is easy to use, but our instruction manual and videotutorials cover the most important topics and provide useful tips.

• Support 365 days/year
Our support team is always ready to help you. It operates daily, 365 days/year.

• Instant License Activation
License is activated automatically after your order, without waiting times.

Extend License time:
It is possible to buy multiple licenses to prolong the subscription time.
For example, purchase two 6-months licenses to get 1 year license.



Additional information

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Any Windows from WinXP to Win11, both 32-64 bit, including Server editions.
No extra dependencies required

71 reviews for Remcos Professional

  1. mahmud nurdin

    remcos 2.5

  2. emmanuelstevo (verified owner)


  3. rvbdhluc


  4. mouse

    various animal noises

  5. g4rm0n (verified owner)

    where is updates?

  6. Damian Olszowy (verified owner)


  7. Mauro Bollini (verified owner)

    As a professional Penetration Tester I love Remcos so much! It’s stable and fast, gives me all the options needed to achive my engagement objectives. I’m using it to manage my work computers too, cheaper then Teamviewer and similar tools. Recommended!!! The best remote admin tool around right now.

    • Viotto (verified owner)

      Thank you very much for your review!

  8. Boos

    I personally like Remcos very much! But I want to add multiple languages to the function part, I am Chinese and need Chinese

    • Viotto (verified owner)

      Thank you for your feedback.
      We will evaluate your suggestion for one of the next updates.

  9. Boos

    If there is Chinese, I can buy it right away, and I can introduce many customers to you

  10. Fleetz LeJardinier

    hello, i did not receive my purchase, can you help me thank you

    • Viotto (verified owner)

      your order is completed now.

      To contact us for support,
      please open a support ticket from your Client Area.

  11. missyou

    I personally like Remcos very much! But I want to add multiple languages to the function part, I am Chinese and need Chinese

  12. missyou

    I hope it will join the Chinese language. The Chinese market is still very huge

    • Viotto (verified owner)

      thank you very much for your feedback.
      We constantly work hard to improve Remcos,
      releasing new updates based on customer feedback.
      We plan to add Chinese and more languages in one of the future updates.
      Stay tuned! 😉

  13. Abhi

    The price is too high for a ordinary student to buy 🙁

    • Viotto (verified owner)

      You are welcome to use the Free Edition of Remcos

  14. Joey Pino

    Never Received anything through Email.

    • Viotto (verified owner)

      Dear customer,
      your order was processed and activated.
      As written in our Terms of Service, some Paypal payments can take a while (some hours) for verification.
      Should you have any kind of issue,
      kindly open a support ticket from your client area for any query.

  15. Emily Luz Pino

    Sadly. I never received my Remcos :(. It shows up as Pending payment even though it was charged to my Bank Account and I have a receipt from PayPal showing I paid.. I hope I can get some support to this, please.

    • Viotto (verified owner)

      Dear customer,
      your order was processed and activated.
      As written in our Terms of Service, some Paypal payments can take a while (some hours) for verification.
      Should you have any kind of issue,
      kindly open a support ticket from your client area for any query.

  16. Lucasandre

    Hi guys have you all received you remco because I want to buy my now please answer me

    • Viotto (verified owner)

      yes, we always dispatch the product.
      The above customer just had a delay of some hours due to Paypal verification.

      Best regards

  17. Boos

    Do you sell the source code?

    • Viotto (verified owner)

      No, the source code is not for sale.

  18. Boos

    Or you can add Chinese

    • Viotto (verified owner)

      We plan to add Chinese and multiple other languages in a future update.

  19. enone (verified owner)

    All Fine Support Is Fast To Reply To Problems And You Have Also A Forum To Write Suggestions And Feedback But…
    Unfortunately Activation Is Server Based And If You Buy It For A Month (for example) Then You’ll Loose All Your Controlled PC After A Month Of Subscription Or If There Are Network Connection Errors, So If You Like A Subscription Based Solution This Is Fine, But If You Want To Have Complete Control Of Your Agents This Is Not A Good Solution!
    At Least Will Be Nice To Have The Ability To Always Run The Client And Not Receive New Updates (for example)

    • Viotto (verified owner)

      Thank you for your feedback.
      We appreciate that you like our software and our support.
      After your license expires, you don’t lose your connections:
      you can still connect to them anytime using the Free Edition,
      or you can just renew your Professional Edition license.

  20. silk (verified owner)

    please can i get link for new remcos update
    my software wont update automatically

  21. mistercap

    Hi, if i buy the starter license I will only have it for a month or for the whole year?

    • Admin

      Remcos Starter License is valid for 1 Month.
      For 1 Year license, you can buy 2x Individual Licenses (each Individual License is 6 months).

  22. mistercap

    What if a have 30 machines and my license expires?

    • Admin

      You can renew your license at the shop anytime.

  23. missyou

    Baby, has the Chinese version been added?

  24. do0x

    1. Have you added the Chinese version? If not, when will it be added? I hope it’s the next version.
    2. When I test the free version, when I use the function system – > screen capture, the remote window accessed is not full screen. Windows version: 21h1, you can test. This must be related to remcos software. I hope it can be repaired in the next version.

    • Admin

      Remcos already works perfectly on Chinese systems,
      but we didn’t add Chinese language for Remcos interface yet.
      We may add it in future releases but we don’t have a specific date yet.

  25. Jony Abedin

    How long will I get the software after the payment is paid? Ans pls?

    • Admin

      You will get the software immediately and automatically after payment is complete.

  26. Jony Abedin

    Please explain me the terms and conditions of your mentioned no 8 (c) from “Terms & Conditions” pages? What kind of illegal work will this software to be banned? Answer Pls.

    • Admin

      any illegal usage of our software is prohibited and will result in a license ban.
      For more details, consult the paragraph 3 of our Terms of Service: “Prohibited conduct and uses”

  27. gtnibba (verified owner)

    hello! when will i receive my order?

    • Viotto

      Order is received immediately after payment is confirmed.
      In your case, since you paid with Bitcoin, at least 2 blockchain confirmations were needed for the order to be complete.
      I see your order already went through and you activated your license successfully.
      Please contact support if you have any inquiries using support tickets.
      Our support team will reply you within 24 hours.

  28. Didar

    I have a 3 questions? Answer pls…
    a) If I send dollars through any of the mentioned which payment gateways you will recevied fast? Actually, I have only Coinbase account.
    >> PayPal/ PerfectMoney/ BTC/ Bitcoin/ Etherium.
    b) After payment when I get my requirment products?
    c) When I choice BTC for payments. After all clicking on Proceed to BTCPAY, two portion appear. firstly Address the other Payment Link. Which one should I copy here?

    • Viotto

      Our products download is available immediately after payment is confirmed, with any payment method.
      If you want to pay though Bitcoin, then you will need to send the required funds to the provided bitcoin address.
      Please contact our support via support tickets to get faster replies and help.

  29. Gilgamesh

    As a OSX! user this piece of software made me buy a windows machine. I would recommend this to anyone in the field but I would like to see some sort of obfuscation or encoder .

    Rate 1-10

    • Viotto

      Thank you very much for your review!

  30. corsair.wire (verified owner)

    #1 Remote Administration Software in my view
    Easy to use but plenty of features
    Makes it easy to monitor my remote PCs
    Keep up the good work and the updates guys.

  31. Gilgamesh (verified owner)

    Top quality don’t get better then this I think won’t be disappointed!! Also great support.

  32. ZVH (verified owner)

    I have had experience with this software for several years, there are no complaints in my work, everything is very conveniently clear and simple even for not very experienced users.
    Special thanks to the development team for fast support and frequent updates.
    I definitely recommend this program for purchase and use.
    I wish you not to stop there and continue to develop your program further.

  33. Cyberlobo

    Remcos is a profesional and usefull tool when you need to keep security and control of your businees. A lot of money was deflected from mine and I really happy when I got ir back.

  34. jwautos (verified owner)

    When you have multiple offices. keeping up with employee’s activities to prevent abuse becomes a problem, REMCOS allow me to monitor all PC’s in our various local branches. Productivity has increased, less internet abuse, that’s whats up.

  35. Matej (verified owner)

    Remcos is the best rat I used it was easy to use and very advanced it works on win 11 without problems and it is stable af. If you have the money buy it it is worth it 😉 10/10

  36. Elena Neff (verified owner)

    Remcos is the best software out there no doubt. It allows me monitor all my PC’s with ease. If you are not using Remcos, then I wonder what you are even doing.

  37. Monkey Bizness (verified owner)

    I have used REMCOS over the years and the consistency is amazing. Breaking Security have done a good job of updating Remcos seamlessly without any stress up to the latest version V3.4 this software is amazing. The real time surveillance and state of the art security features offered is ground breaking. I give Kudos to the Remcos team and look forward to more innovative softwares from them. Thanks

  38. obika (verified owner)

    Breaking security has advanced tools as per say, the remcos RAT version 3.4.0 is superb, the functions or remcos is going classy in every update,,

  39. Tricky Tee (verified owner)

    Breaking security remcos is a really great tool and more advance features and it works perfectly.. I would recommend it for everyone

  40. youngdolxx

    I have used REMCOS for some years from when my friends spoke alot about it and the efficiency is superb.I lost my first account i started with in the days of securitycode, this software is amazing.from the operation,to how fast it connects to another pc without delay,the efficiency of the remote desktop and controls, the security features offered is magnificient. I will always recommend remcos to people anytime anyday. Welldone guys

    • Viotto

      Thank you so much for your kind words, appreciated.

  41. princesammy03 (verified owner)

    Not much to say but the BEST Remote Administration Tool until this moment.

  42. Marly

    This is the best RAT i have ever used

  43. carlogambino (verified owner)

    Remcos is a good software in terms of stealth , however the recovery is abit laggy , it doesn’t recover foxmail client very well and you should work on that . Overall , very high performance software . Also the hard work of your team towards the constant release of updates is highly appreciated.

  44. Nandos

    Remcos exceeds expectations and pushes the competitive landscape of Remote Administrative solutions to new heights.

    Management of your computers in any location is made easy thanks to an ergonomic user interface and comprehensive features as simple and intuitive as they should be.
    From surveillance management and remote control functionality to the flawless anti-theft features that are lightweight and impactful, it is an ideal solution for computer security, remote administrative support, and management.

    No matter if you’re a business professional or an individual, Remcos offers convenient solutions without any additional software dependencies; just click build and deploy the agent to your computers.

    To anyone looking for an easy-to-use and reliable remote administration tool, I highly recommend this software — it’s simply superb.

    • Viotto

      Thank you so much for taking your time to write this detailed review.
      We are very happy to read your words, they give us the motivation to keep working hard on our software and keep your satisfaction high.
      Best regards

  45. Pounds (verified owner)

    I am happy , using Remcos

  46. B0ghTaT

    Thank you for this wonderful Tool , great properties,good job :).

  47. Mohamed el manssor

    Quite a unique Remote Access Tool, works very well for a pretty basic looking RAT, its stable, the RAT very good. It has some intresting features, Of course it has all the standard RAT features recovery, remote desktop, keylogs, whatever else, it has a few truly unique features I haven’t seen in many (if at any) RATs. I’m truly excited to see where this RAT will go in the future and hoping to work with the dev sometime. I highly recommend this software

  48. Aekr1_ (verified owner)

    Having been a customer of multiple remote access solutions over the past few years, each option with their respective pro’s and con’s.
    Sometimes it’s been about connection stability or security, lack of features or sometimes having too many unnecessary features, poorly packaged into an oversized client.
    Throughout the past ~1.5 years I’ve being testing and trialing Remcos Remote Control sofware, it has continuously set the gold standard of to which other solutions try and replicate or match with no clear runner-up.
    When it comes down to it, if you take your work seriously, know you can rely on Viotto and the development team behind Remcos, to ensure the same expectations are met with their software.

    Many thanks to the Remcos team,
    – Aekras1a

    • Viotto

      Thank you so much for your review.
      Your highly appreciated feedback gives us the motivation to keep working hard on our software and keep loyal customers like you happy.
      Best regards

  49. lx33575 (verified owner)

    Hello, can you add Chinese? I saw your message in 2020 saying that you are ready to support Chinese language. The Chinese market needs such excellent software.

    • Viotto

      Hello, thank you for your good vote.
      Remcos is fully compatibile with Chinese systems.
      Regarding the Chinese translation of the software, it is planned but we cannot give a time yet. We will post news once ready.

  50. ohiabush1 (verified owner)

    For the past 3 to 4 years i have been using remcos remote control and i must say yes its a good product and works fine. The most important thing for me in it is that it dose not hand system/pc like other rats eg (warzone). i always have easy access to all the function in one touch. Another is the easy access to the file manager that allows me to navigate to different folders without hanging.

    The Upload and execute is another function i love so much. Lot of the futures are good but i have issues when it comes to Password recovers. Remcos rat dose not recovers all browsers logins, Eg: some versions of Browsers Like: internet explorer, edge,opera

    Email Clients: some outlooks, some thunderbirds, windows mail( remcos have never recovered that for me for once), foxmail, etc
    The admin needs to work on this ones to make it topnotch.

    The worst among them all is the Reverse Proxy, its so complected and dose not work. ( Admin needs to work on this or restructure it totally. )

    My license is expiring on 27th of this month and i was expecting the new update to address some of this issues but the update came and nothing like this things showed up.
    Generally, the Rat is good.

    • Viotto

      Thank you for your feedback.
      Just the same day you posted your review, we released a new update (v3.4.1) which improves the Proxy function. 🙂
      You can download the new update and have a look at the release notes.
      Best regards

  51. enone (verified owner)

    This Is By Far An Excellent Tool For Manage Your PCs Remotely And Safely…
    A Part Of The Functions Present And Still Developing …I’ve Really Appreciated The Support Board And Also The Possibility To Ask For Suggestion And Features To Be Added By The Staff! In The Past I’ve Tested Many Other Similar Tool But Now They Not Work Any More With Recent OS Versions. Thanks To The Strong Support I Can Be Sure That It Will Work On Any Recent Windows Version! 🙂
    Keep Up The Awesome Work… I Vote And Suggest It!

  52. psbd

    I have been using the FREE version of Remcos and i must say i am amazed by this piece of software.
    The amount of functionality this software has to offer is absolutely insane and it really shows that the developer is true a security professional.
    Remcos has all the functions you need from surveillance to a complete control center! it is a sys admins dream.
    Remcos also offers a very sophisticated agent builder with many advanced features, like a Watchdog to monitor Remcos main process and make sure everything keeps running, or automatic elevation to gain admin privileges without the need to click yes on annoying popups or disable UAC completely.
    Even with this many features Remcos still manages to have a very clean and easy to navigate UI which i really like.
    Overall Remcos seems really stable and well coded i myself had absolutely zero issues when using Remcos and everything worked flawlessly.
    If you are looking for a professional way to control your machine’s from anywhere in the world as a sysadmin or a home user i would absolutely recommend this product as it is a solid and very well coded piece of software and it will absolutely do the job!

  53. Jason Christopher (verified owner)

    Searching for a Remote Desktop Software ? Look no further it has all the features needed to keep you in control. I’ll Recommend anytime anyday 🤙

  54. wa7ed

    i m one of the remcos developing fellower from beggaining – one of / or even the one only ; fellow the first and crack one -lets say-
    also free version .
    realy mutch needs – someone look an pro and impowerd tool engage his activities

  55. Anonilak (verified owner)

    I am adding a review because of the product. It is very well made. I will go thoroughly through my review so that if others come to take a look hopefully they too will see the value in this product. Hopefully more people will use this as I think the creator of it is quite the genius.
    Let’s go over some key points of the product.
    Remote Access Tool. REMCOS
    This product really is all it says, and then much more.
    Upon purchasing the product I was a bit skeptical myself. Many products like this promise features, and abilities that they just truly don’t provide. However, Viotto has created a product that is everything it says and more. I am able to remotely monitor multiple machines. As I have a business myself, I use this product to allow myself access to the devices in use by my employees. We also use VPS, and creating a VPS using Windows as the OS allows us to also use this product on those VPS machines and run them from anywhere. IT is absolutely amazing. The features you get with this product are absolutely worth every bit of money you pay and then some.
    Features it provides.
    Upon the many many features it provides, the best features for me so far have been the ability to use a window to access a machine without needing to be at the machine. Exactly as the product describes itself it is that. But much more, the keylogger is amazing as I was able to determine and employee was typing information and saving it that they should have never been saving or typing. This lead to the release of that employee because of his failure to adhere to the companies policies. I do believe that without this product and the short time we have been using it, that we may not have caught this employee and his wrong doings against our company policies. So thank you to Viotto and your product REMCOS for allowing us to secure our businesses safety!
    If you think that one review could go over the entirety of what you would and will experience from this product then you are wrong.
    No matter what anyone says do your research. Always research. This product provides you the safety and security of knowing if you have a business, you can keep track of everything without failure, and without an issue. It keeps you and the machines you have access to safe, and secure. As of now we are still running many tests with the product, and experimenting on the best way to use it for us. For every user it will obviously be different. Depending on your usage and the reason you need or use it. However, this product goes above and beyond.
    Even the most inexperienced user could have a lot of use with this product REMCOS.
    Another amazing feature with this is the audio recording, screen capture, and recording.
    All of these things allowed to the employee above being removed from our company. Not one form of evidence, not two or three, there was so much evidence because of this tool we had no problem, and no issue being able to terminate the employment of an individual who was absolutely not right for the company.
    The user friendly interface of the control center really is delightful. Many other products like this also have problems in the fact they are not easy to use. In my opinion this product is the number 1 on the market today. We hope to keep using this product for years to come. We know it is still early but already it has helped us immensely. An it will allow us to keep growing under the safety of feeling like all our machines are securely being surveyed from local or long distance.

    If you have a business, or you have a use for this product (Outside of Malicious activities, if you are one of those please do not use this as it gives a bad name to those who truly have a use for its features.) then by all means give it a shot even if just for a month. We will most certainly be purchasing this product for a longer period of time. As I said I hope that REMCOS will continue to allow us to keep our Security as tight as possible!
    No I am not paid to write this, BreakingSecurity can confirm that for anyone who might suspect this. I am simply a user of the product, and I absolutely love it. I will like I said use it for years to come, be it on my own, or for the business. I will recommend it to all my friends for personal use, as well as any and all companies who I believe may have a use for something like this.


    • Viotto

      Thank you very much for spending your time to write your insightful review, it means a lot to us!
      We are very happy to read that our software proved to be valuable for your company.
      We plan to keep our software updated and improve it even further with every update.

  56. cocorisss (verified owner)

    Very professional, helped me to configure and understand Remcos! @cocorisss on Telegram

  57. boop_xyz

    very well made and very nice, but sooooooooooooooooooooo expensive like sheeeeeeeeesh. my suggestion is to lower the 1 month price to make it a little more sense or something

  58. grradis (verified owner)

    Stable connection
    Many updates
    Affordable price

  59. Bobonathy

    With the latest updates from REMCOS Professional just released few hours ago, I am really pleased to rate breaking security. net as award winning team. The recent updates make remcos remote tool as an advance tool. The cookie complement all features needed in the software. You guys are just knowledgeable and ingenious of cyber security. Great Job…..

  60. wilson james (verified owner)

    Very Professional , love your software…100% stability with fastest customer support ever seen. Keep up your good works team

  61. rebug

    This software is really good and trusted. Support is always there if you in need of help or have questions. I definitely recommend getting Remcos if this is your Line of work. The program get regularly updated as well. If you are new to this (newbie) they will also help you without judging. I would give more than 5 stars if I could. 5/5 from me!

  62. KING BEC (verified owner)

    Great stable tool from a very great and responsive team!
    Always updating and improving with the best functions… Surely, the very best on the market!
    Enjoy this!!!

  63. remsico

    This tool has gone to the top of the best with this update, Great work guys, keep it up.

  64. (verified owner)

    This is one of the very best tools.

  65. Courtnie (verified owner)

    A good team, top-level programs.

  66. Tom Andreeson (verified owner)

    As a software developer myself, I can attest to the fact that Remcos is an extremely well done piece of software. It’s well written, constructed to have extensive features (well beyond that of its competition) yet it’s fast on its feet and has great performance. The user interface is simple to understand and easy to use. Plus, the Remcos team seems committed to continually and aggressively enhancing the product , which means a lot to those of us in the user base. Keep up the good work! Long live Remcos!

    • Viotto

      Thank you for your review, appreciated.

  67. bruno (verified owner)

    Mise a jour constant je suis content en esperant qui continue a bosser sur le controleur a distant 🙂

    • Viotto (verified owner)

      Thank you for your positive review!


    Just a quick question before i make my purchase , especially on the stealth Mode feature , can it be detected by any other applications or should i be worried that it will be detected , stopped and be removed by other apps to avoid remote monitoring ?

    • Viotto (verified owner)

      we provide instructions and videotutorials on how to exclude Remcos from your AntiVirus software in your own systems.

  69. arafat1111 (verified owner)

    please what is the password to the zipped Remcos?

    • Viotto (verified owner)

      zip password for our products is:

  70. jackle101

    hi i want to buy but i dont know how to set it up

    • Viotto (verified owner)

      Hi, we provide instruction manual and videotutorials for our customers.

  71. mopharmoso (verified owner)

    Please reply my ticket urgent thanks

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