Viotto Ocx Registrator

Install, register and unregister OCX files, the easy way.

Viotto OCX Registrator is a simple tool to install, register and unregister OCX files.
It is released free and open source.

Compatible with any Windows

from WinXP to Win10
32/64 bit
Coded in C++
No extra dependency needed

Lightweight & Fast

Immediate use and registration of OCX files


v1.1 | 16/Jul/2019
[*] Unicode paths are now supported.
[*] OCX registration messages are now showed.
[*] Improved GUI, added button icons.
[*] Added manifest which requests admin elevation.

v1.0 | 02/Sep/2010
[+] First release of Ocx Registrator.

Manual Registration of OCX files:

If you don’t want to use Viotto Registrator,
here is how to register OCX files manually:

1) Place ocx file in folder (copy/paste it):
on 32 bit OS -> C:Windowssystem32
on 64 bit OS -> C:Windowssyswow64

2) Open cmd with administrator privileges, and execute command:

on 64bit: regsvr32 “C:Windowssyswow64Codejock.Controls.v13.2.1.ocx”
on 32bit: regsvr32 “C:Windowssystem32Codejock.Controls.v13.2.1.ocx”

3) You should get a message with a successful registration message if you followed the steps correctly.