v3.3.2 | 20 Nov 2021

  • [+] Keylogger: added option to display [SpaceBar] tag instead of actual space character in keylogs.
    The option can be found by clicking the Settings (Gear) button in the Keylogger form.
    The option can be toggled on/off on-the-fly:
    The logs will be automatically and conveniently converted on the fly each time you toggle the option.
    This means that you won’t have to rebuild agent or change keylogger configuration each time you want to change the option.
  • [*] Keylogger: Minor GUI improvements.
  • [*] Update Agent function: Minor user interface improvements.
  • [*] Update Agent function: Improved explanation in InfoButton.
  • [*] Downloader: Minor fixes.
  • [*] Connection: Minor fixes in connection protocol.

v3.3.1 | 18 Nov 2021

  • [*] Windows 11 compatibility fixes
  • [*] Connection: Minor connection optimizations
  • [*] ScreenCapture: Improved GUI
  • [+] MessageBox: now user reply is sent to Controller after user clicks on a MessageBox button
  • [*] Activity Notification: Increased responsiveness. Now notification or alarm will be triggered within 1 second of the monitored action happening.
  • [*] Activity Notification: Fixed access violation error when disabling a notification on a disconnected agent
  • [*] Activity Notification: Fixed range check error when setting a remote alarm for disconnection
  • [*] AutoTasks: GUI improvement and fixes

v3.3.0 | 02 Oct 2021

Remcos v3.3.0 is an update which features improved connection stability,
the resolution of various errors,
and quality-of-life improvements.

A lot of work has been put in testing and improving the connection protocol to make it extremely robust.

  • [*] Connection: Improved handling of many connections
  • [*] Connection: Improved multithreading for better stability and performance
  • [*] KeepAlive: Improved KeepAlive system for a more robust and stable connection.
  • [*] KeepAlive: improved to be more performant and use less resources
  • [*] Connection Stability: Fixed TLS error which could cause Agent crash on disconnection
  • [*] Connection Stability: Fixed TLS error which could cause Agent not to reconnect
  • [*] TLS Connection: Agents reconnect faster to Controller thanks to better multithreading
  • [*] TLS: Controller: Fixed not-thread-safe initialization error when opening many ports at once
  • [*] Connection Protocol Tweaks for better stability
  • [+] Added function to display your Public IP address, in Agent Builder -> Connection and in Local Settings -> Connection.
    Now it will be easier and faster to check what is your public IP, without having to rely on external services.
    If you want, you can set this option to Automatic in Local Settings -> Preferences.
  • [*] Event Log: if Verbose option is set, more detailed events are displayed.
    Added various events related to connection
  • [+] Event Log: Added AutoScroll option
  • [*] Event Log: Now it is possible to rearrange columns positions
  • [*] Event Log Improved GUI and Info (column order, added TLS init notification, changed start/stop port icons, added socket notifications)
  • [*] Agent: Improved GUI in Visible Mode. Now more useful events are displayed
  • [*] Proxy: Improved explanation in Info buttons
  • [*] Agent Builder: minor GUI improvements on info logs
  • [*] Control Center: Fixed access violation error on agent disconnection
  • [*] Control Center: Minor GUI improvements
  • [*] Clipboard Manager: Fixed access violation error (when clipboard data was empty)
  • [*] GUI: Fixed wrong icon for “no ports listening” showing when ports were added, but all of them set to closed.
  • [*] GUI: Improvements in Local Setting sections
  • [*] GUI: Now when selecting multiple agents, and some of them are offline, it is still possible to use the functions menu (menu is no more greyed out)
  • [*] Now user is unable to enter invalid value for ping
  • [-] Removed “ping on host connection” option. Now set to ON by default. Seems pretty useless to have an option to turn this off.
  • [*] Stability: Thread safety: Fixed Controller access violation error in GeoLocalization thread, happening when socket was disconnected while doing geolocation
  • [*] Stability: Fixed various access violation errors in Remcos Controller. Errors related to select command on host disconnected
  • [*] GeoLocalization thread: Fixed leak: now handle is closed after usage

v3.2.1 | 09 Sep 2021

  • [*] Remote CommandLine: Fixed error which stuck commandline, preventing to send commands and receive output
  • [*] Control Center: now the “Local Connection Address” field gets updated if Remcos Agent reconnects using a different address
  • [*] Minor GUI fixes

v3.2.0 | 30 Jul 2021

  • [+] Added option to Build DLL Agents
  • [+] Added option to Build Shellcode Agents
  • [+] Agent Builder: On a Build error, now a more detailed description of the error is displayed.
  • [*] Agent Builder: Fixed “Build Failed” error happening after some time that Remcos Controller was kept open
  • [*] Agent Builder: GUI improvements
  • [*] Agent Builder: Uploaded included UPX packer to latest version (v3.96)
  • [*] Dll Loader: Tweaks and fixes
  • [*] CamCapture: Changes on plugin compression
  • [+] Control Center: Now displays Agent Type (EXE, DLL or Shellcode)
  • [*] Other minor improvements and fixes

v3.1.5 | 18 Jun 2021

  • [+] Agent Builder: added Button to quickly open builder output folder
  • [*] AutoTasks: Fixed Keylogs Download function not collecting logs
  • [*] AutoTasks: Now Uninstall AutoTask waits for all the other tasks to finish before uninstalling
  • [*] AutoTasks: improved events in Event Viewer
  • [*] AutoTasks: Other minor functionality fixes and GUI improvements
  • [*] ScreenCapture: Fixed access violation error when closing form when ScreenCapture was still initializing
  • [*] Password Recovery: fixed issue of passwords sometimes not recovered
  • [*] Injection: minor fixes and improvements
  • [*] Corrected some typos in Info Messages
  • [*] Other minor improvements and fixes

v3.1.4 | 06 Apr 2021

  • [*] Keylogger: Formatting improvements

v3.1.3 | 01 Apr 2021

  • [+] Keylogger: Added unicode support. Now Keylogger supports almost all languages and keyboard layouts in the world, including European layouts, Russian, Arabic, Hindi
  • [+] Keylogger: Added logging for Alt, Ins, Win, and Menu keys
  • [+] Keylogger: Now possible to Search both offline and online logs
  • [+] Keylogger: Added Save Log button for Online keylogger
  • [+] Keylogger: Added Clear Log button for Online keylogger
  • [+] Keylogger: Added Zoom buttons
  • [+] Keylogger: Used filter keywords are now displayed (if keylogger is set in “Window Filter” mode)
  • [+] KeyLogger: Added unicode support for filter keywords
  • [*] Keylogger: Fixed keylogger unable to get keystrokes on Windows Server 2003
  • [*] Keylogger: Fixed not getting updated logs when clicking “Get Offline Logs” more then once
  • [*] Keylogger: Many GUI improvements
  • [*] Keylogger: log files now saved in UTF-16 format
  • [*] Keylogger: other improvements, optimizations and fixes
  • [+] ScreenLogger: Added unicode support for filter keywords
  • [*] ScreenLogger: Fixed memory leak in Remcos Agent: private working set bytes increased and not released after each screenshot
  • [+] Clipboard Manager: Added unicode support (all languages + special characters)
  • [*] Connection: Fixed TLS error which crashed Agent in rare cases
  • [*] Connection: Minor TLS optimizations
  • [*] CommandLine: Fixed remote command line function not working when closing it and reopening it again (bug introduced in v3.0.0)
  • [*] Control Center: Fixed Agent crash when closing Remcos Controller without closing Control Center form when remote system info still not retrieved
  • [*] Agent Builder: Minor GUI improvements
  • [!] Due to the above improvements, Keylogger, ScreenLogger, Clipboard Manager do not work with older versions Agents

v3.1.2 | 02 Mar 2021

  • [+] Downloader: interface has been improved, now displays connected machines, and download status (downloading/success/error) for each computer
  • [*] Downloader: various other improvements, optimizations and fixes
  • [*] AutoTasks: Downloader: now download status (success/error) is displayed in the event log
  • [*] AutoTasks: improvements on events shown
  • [*] Connection: Fixed “Unable to load TLS.dll” error when starting Remcos Controller, happening on few systems
  • [*] Connection: Fixed TLS verification failed on agent on some systems with a faulty clock
  • [*] Blacklist: Info improvements on Info button

Includes KeyGen v4.2.0 update:

  • [+] Automatic immediate license activation

v3.1.1 | 22 Feb 2021

  • [*] Audio capture: solved issue causing not capturing remote audio in v3
  • [*] DLL Loader: Minor GUI fixes and improvements
  • [*] Other minor GUI fixes

v3.1.0 | 17 Feb 2021

  • [*] Connection: optimizations and improvements to be faster and transmit less data per packet
  • [*] Fixed Remcos Controller incompatibilities when running on a Chinese OS
  • [*] Connection: fixed Agent crash when reconnecting and switching from unencrypted to TLS connection
  • [*] Connection: Various TLS related optimizations
  • [*] Control Center: Fixed “Copy IP address” function not correctly copying IP
  • [*] File Manager: Set Desktop Wallpaper function greyed out if selected file is not an image
  • [*] Other minor fixes
  • [!] Due to the connection protocol improvements, which is now faster and transmits less data, previous Remcos agents are not compatible with Remcos v3.1.
    If you want to update remotely a old Remcos Agent, first build your new Remcos v3.1 remote agent;
    then open the old Remcos Controller and use either the Update function, Download/Execute function, or File Manager to run the new Remcos v3.1 agent on the remote machine.

v3.0.2 | 13 Feb 2021

  • [*] Now possible to select all Agents in list using Ctrl + A
  • [+] [FileSearch] Now showing number of found files
  • [*] [FileSearch] Now possible to start search by hitting “Enter” keyboard button on Search path text
  • [*] [FileSearch] Fixed access violation error on Controller when using “Open Location in File Manager” when FileManager form not yet created
  • [*] [FileSearch] Fixed access violation error on Agent after closing File Search when search was already finished
  • [*] [FileSearch] Fixed agent crash when stopping search when searching on multiple machines simoultaneously
  • [*] [FileSearch] Minor GUI improvements
  • [*] [Remcos Updater] Improved updater speed, messages, and error handling
  • [*] [Agent Builder] When building agent, build path is now remembered in save dialog
  • [*] [Notification] Fixed notification sound not always playing fully
  • [*] [KeepAlive] Minor tweaks

v3.0.1 | 09 Feb 2021

  • [*] [Optimization] 5 KB Agent size decrease
  • [*] [Control Center] Fixed “Blacklist IP function” not working from Control Center.  This error was introduced in v3.0.0
  • [*] [Agent Builder] Fixed access violation error message, when clicking “remove profile” popupmenu button on empty space
  • [*] [File Search] Fixed access violation error message, when clicking F3 (File Search shortcut key) without selecting an agent
  • [*] [Send Command] Cmd black window popup on remote systems has been hidden for all cmd commands.
  • [*] [AutoTasks] [Send Command] Cmd black window popup on remote systems has been hidden for all cmd commands.

v3.0.0 | 30 Jan 2021

Dear ladies and gentlemen,
we start the year 2021 strong with a major update of Remcos.
This update introduces several improvements.

A big focus has gone to connection security and performance.
Until now, Remcos has been traditionally using a simple symmetric RC4 encryption with a static key to secure communications.

Starting with v3.0, Remcos is now using TLS v1.3 to secure any session between Controller and Agents.
The TLS protocol is much more secure, and should make transmitted data practically impossible to decipher.
The implemented TLS protocol uses AES-128 for symmetric encryption (instead of formerly used RC4) and Elliptic curve Diffie–Hellman Ephemeral (ECDHE)  for asymmetric encryption and session key exchange.

Dynamic Encryption Key: The AES-128 key is generated randomly on each connection.
Each time Remcos Controller and Agent reconnect,
AES encryption will always be different, always using a different random key.

Forward Secrecy: By generating a unique session key for every connection,
even if your connection password or keys get compromised,
it won’t be possible to decrypt past data.
In addition to that,
the compromise of a single session key will not affect any other session.

Mutual Authentication: Remcos Controller and Agent authenticate each other
using TLS certificates.
This prevents man-in-the-middle attacks,
taking unauthorized control of your Agents,
and making malicious connections to your Controller.

Integrity Check: An integrity check is performed on each message to ensure it wasn’t altered or manipulated.

The improvements in Remcos v3.0 go well over the Connection.
Some simple yet useful GUI improvements have been added.
For example, now it is possible to view the last happened event directly on the Remcos bottom statusbar, without having to check the Event Log.

Now, when an Agent gets abruptly closed and restarted by the Watchdog Protection Module, you get a notification for that too

Also the File Manager has been improved.
Now it supports the transfer of huge files of any size,
and the code has been vastly rewritten and optimized to favor performance and low resource usage.

The entire Remcos agent has been recompiled with a much more modern compiler, and its code has been optimized to be faster.

Here is a more detailed list of changes:

  • [+] [Connection] Your Remcos connection is now secured by TLS 1.3, the latest standard in communications security.
    TLS v1.3 provides excellent security and performance.
    You can find more info on the implemented TLS security by clicking the “About Connection Security” button in Remcos -> Local Settings -> Connection
    You can read here more about TLS protocol and the new TLS v1.3.
  • [+] [Connection] Symmetrical Encryption Algorithm used to encrypt transmitted data is now AES-128 (no more RC4).
    AES-128 is a much stronger cipher compared to RC4.
  • [+] [Connection] The encryption key for connection is now dynamic!
    Each time Remcos Controller and Agent reconnect,
    AES encryption will always be using a different, random key.
  • [+] [Connection] TLS Mutual Authentication:
    Remcos Controller and Agent authenticate each other by using TLS certificates.
    Prevents man-in-the-middle attacks,
    taking unauthorized control of your Agents,
    or making malicious connections to your Controller.
  • [*] [Connection] Solved problem of packet loss in certain cases, usually happening when some packets were sent very fast
  • [*] [Connection] Fixed Agent disconnect/reconnect sporadic issue when KeepAlive active
  • [*] [Optimization] Agent has been compiled with a much more modern compiler, and code has been optimized to be faster
  • [+] [GUI] Added “last event” on statusbar
  • [+] [GUI] Added statusbar icons
  • [*] [GUI] Improved and updated tips on InfoButtons
  • [+] [GUI] Agent window (in visible mode) now displays if using Secure (TLS) or Insecure connection
  • [*] [GUI] Various other small improvements on Agent window
  • [*] [GUI] Agent icon is now higher resolution
  • [+] [Control Center] now connection security is being displayed
  • [*] [Control Center] Fixed full system info txt not opening when clicking “View full system info” button
  • [+] [Watchdog] Now you get a notification in the Event Log and Status Bar once an Agent has been restarted by Watchdog
  • [*] [File Manager] Now File Manager supports the transfer of huge files (over 4 GB). It is now possible to effortlessly upload and download files of any dimension.
  • [*] [File Manager] Optimizations to transfer huge files using low RAM amount
  • [*] [File Manager] Fixed wrong size displayed in File Transfer for files over 4 GB
  • [*] [File Manager] Other minor optimizations and improvements
  • [*] [File Search] Fixed size not displayed for files bigger then 4 GB
  • [*] [Keylogger] Online Keylogger now has dedicated socket for faster performance and better safety (random, dynamic AES-128 key is generated for Keylogger connection)
  • [*] [Dll Loader] Download from URL mode now accepts URLs with Unicode chars
  • [*] [Window Manager] Removed flickering
  • [*] [Restart Agent] fixed issue of not all agents restarting when sending the Restart command simultaneously to multiple agents installed on the same system
  • [*] [Uninstall Agent] fixed issue of not deleting agent file from disk on some agents, when sending the Uninstall command simultaneously to multiple agents installed on the same system
  • [+] [BlackList IP] Now possible to execute this function on multiple hosts at the same time
  • [+] [Open Local Downloads Folder] Now possible to execute this function on multiple hosts at the same time
  • [*] Other minor fixes and improvements
  • [!] Older Remcos Agents (v2.x) are NOT compatible with the v3.0 Controller.
    Update your v2.x Agents to v3.0 to use them with v3.0.
    To update them, build a v3.0 Agent, then use v2 Controller to upload and execute the new Agents.

v2.7.2 | 22 Oct 2020

  • [*] Fixed “Invalid License” error which happened on some systems with a faulty clock.
  • [+] KeyGen updated to v4.1:
    adds a faster license activation method without the need to create a support ticket.

v2.7.1 | 14 Sep 2020

  • [*] ScreenLogger: fixed error of ScreenLogger not starting in certain circumnstances (This problem was introduced in v2.6.0 due to ScreenCapture improvements).

v2.7.0 | 10 Aug 2020

  • [*] Proxy: Fixed the “Unable to load socks.dll in current process” error, which happened sometimes when using Reverse Proxy
  • [*] Proxy: Other minor tweaks
  • [*] Password Recovery: updated to decrypt the new password encryption on Opera browser
  • [*] Chat: Fixed Agent crash when uploading chat plugin (this error was introduced in v2.6.0)
  • [*] Builder: some bugfixes
  • [*] Connection Protocol: some changes and optimizations
  • [!] This Remcos version is not compatible with previous Agents versions, due to the connection protocol improvements.
    Please update your Remcos Agents to v2.7.0.
    Old Agents won’t connect to the Controller, but you will get an event log notification if they are trying to connect.

v2.6.0 | 10 Jul 2020

  • [+] ScreenCapture: Added Multi-Monitor Support
  • [+] Builder: Added IPConfig button to quickly open the Windows Ipconfig utility with one click.
  • [*] Connection Protocol: Improved cryptographic strength
  • [*] Notification: Improved GUI
  • [*] Agent Crash fix: Fixed error when including “|” character in connection password
  • [-] Removed obsolete startup methods Winlogon/Shell and Winlogon/Userinit
  • [*] Other minor fixes and improvements
  • [!] This Remcos version is not compatible with previous Agents versions.
    Please update your Remcos Agents to v2.6.0.
    Old Agents won’t connect to the Controller, but you will get an event log notification if they are trying to connect.

v2.5.1 | 05 Jun 2020

  • [*] Recovery: Updated to work with latest browser versions
  • [*] Minor error and performance fixes on Controller & Agent

v2.5.0 | 20 Sep 2019

  • [+] New function added: Logins Cleaner.
    Clears remotely browsers logins and cookies, to protect remotely your system from login theft.
  • [+] AutoTasks: Added ‘Execute on First Connection Only’ Option.
    This option runs the AutoTask only on the first Agent Connection, until the Controller is restarted.
    AutoTask will be skipped when the same Agent reconnects again.
  • [+] AutoTask added: Logins Cleaner
  • [*] AutoTasks: events improved, now they show which is the remote host executing the AutoTask
  • [*] ScreenCapture: now possible to scroll remotely using mouse wheel
  • [+] Keylogger: added “Log Window TimeStamps” option
  • [+] Keylogger added “Search” function
  • [*] Keylogger: other minor improvements
  • [*] Password Recovery: added support for Firefox 64-bit
  • [+] Password Recovery: now possible to clear password lists (right click on list -> Clear)
  • [*] Password Recovery: other minor improvements
  • [*] Connection: Fixed issue about Agent not reconnecting due to KeepAlive thread not being launched.
  • [*] KeepAlive: Fixed Access Violation error in Controller when disabling KeepAlive with some offline host displayed.
  • [*] Controller: Fixed “functions menu disabled” when selecting multiple hosts using the “Display Offline Agents” option.
  • [*] Minor GUI improvements

v2.4.7 | 13 Jun 2019

  • [*] Improved compatibility with Proxifier
  • [*] Improved compatibility with TeamViewer
  • [*] Minor error fixes

v2.4.6 | 05 Jun 2019

  • [*] Fixed: access violation when unchecking “Display Offline Agents” when multiple agents where connected
  • [*] Other minor fixes

v2.4.5 | 01 May 2019

  • [+] Added option: Highlight outdated agents. You can find it in Local Settings -> Preferences
  • [*] Fixed Range Check Error which happened when the “Display Offline Agents” option was unchecked
  • [*] Proxy: Fixed stop proxy error when both Direct and Reverse proxies where running
  • [*] Proxy: Fixed Agent CPU Usage going to 100% when Reverse SOCKS was running and the Controller process was force terminated
  • [*] Proxy: Now it is possible to start proxy by pressing Enter after typing port
  • [*] Proxy: other minor fixes

v2.4.4 | 29 Apr 2019

  • [+] New option added: Display Offline Agents. Can be found in Local Settings -> Preferences
  • [+] Port column added to event log. Useful to check on which port happen various events.
  • [+] Agent Mutex is now displayed in an additional column of Connections listview

v2.4.3 | 04 Apr 2019

  • [*] Bugfix: fixed host duplicate and reconnection, which happened when keeping Latency Check or Elevation MessageBoxes open for long with KeepAlive on.
  • [*] Improvement: If a function window is minimized, now it will restore and be visible when you open function again.
  • [-] Removed Anti-Analysis functions, as they could be easily misused to break our Terms of Usage.

v2.4.2 | 30 Mar 2019

  • [*] Fixed access violation error when removing closed port (bug was introduced in v2.4.0)
  • [*] File Manager fix: Create new folder function created a folder even if you pressed cancel or the close button. Now fixed.
  • [*] Control Center: fixed being able to open functions when remote computer is disconnected.
  • [*] Window Manager: fix agent crash when selecting multiple windows and renaming title

v2.4.1 | 28 Mar 2019

  • [*] Fixed “Cannot terminate thread” error message after closing Controller, when having a closed port. Bug was introduced in v2.4.0

v2.4.0 | 27 Mar 2019

  • [+] New Function: Audio Player
  • [+] File Manager: Added “Play audio file” function in menu
  • [+] Added Command: Show Agent.
    Sets Remcos Agent in visible mode on remote system.
  • [+] Added Command: Elevate Remcos (under Remcos Management).
    This function can now be launched anytime as command, in addition to be a builder installation option.
  • [+] Window Manager: Added command to show Titleless windows
  • [+] Window Manager: Added command to show Invisible windows
  • [+] Window Manager: Added command to hide windows
  • [+] Window Manager: now displays visibility status of windows (Visible or Invisible)
  • [*] Window Manager: Fixed agent crash when setting an empty window title
  • [*] Window Manager: data optimizations
  • [*] Improvement: Connections restart no more needed when changing visual theme
  • [+] Added 2 new visual themes (Aqua Graphite and Cobalt XEMedia)
  • [*] Fixed error: Duplicate host after changing theme; fixed.
  • [*] Fixed error: Changing theme readds all ports as opened, even when they were closed; fixed.
  • [*] File Search: Fixed listview flickering
  • [*] Elevation: fixed launch on some systems
  • [*] Other code optimizations
  • [!] Be sure to update your Agents to latest version to use new functions and avoid compatibility problems.

v2.3.0 | 07 Mar 2019

  • [+] New Function: Activity Notification (under Surveillance)
  • [*] Control Center: added shortkeys for all functions.
  • [*] Control Center: more compact design, now features a Main Menu instead of buttons
  • [*] Password Recovery: Added “Clear all remote browser passwords” function.
  • [*] Tray Notification: improved notification format and GUI
  • [*] Ping: now MessageBox is not displayed when selecting multiple hosts to ping altogether
  • [*] Builder: GUI improvements
  • [*] Minor GUI improvements

v2.2.2 | 23 February 2019

  • [+] AutoTask: Added Download-Only option (no execute) in Downloader.
  • [*] Proxy: fixed Agent crash on agent disconnection when Direct Proxy active and Reverse Proxy not active. Bug was introduced in v2.0.5
  • [*] Proxy: Now Direct mode port gets remembered and saved in the .ini (as well as the reverse ports which were already saved)
  • [*] Proxy: improved info on the Info buttons of proxy modes
  • [*] Proxy: other minor improvements

 v2.2.1 | 22 February 2019

  • [+] Downloader: added Download-Only option (no execute)
  • [!] Agents need to be updated to v2.2.1 to use Downloader from this version
  • [*] AutoTasks: fixed browser password recovery txt file saved in wrong format.
    Now Browsers password files are saved in correct unicode format.
  • [*] Fixed disconnections/reconnections which happened after change of screen resolution or when accessing the Remcos Controller system multiple times using RDP.
  • [*] Fixed access violation error on Controller on Ping command,
    which happened after change of screen resolution or when accessing the Remcos Controller system multiple times using RDP.
  • [*] KeepAlive tweaks for better performance (now KeepAlive system is multithread).
  • [*] Blacklist: fixed double-click on blacklist triggering ports open/close
  • [*] Fixed access violation error on Controller when double-clicking empty space on Listening Ports list

 v2.2.0 | 07 January 2019

  • [+] Added new function: Browsers History Viewer.
  • [+] Password Recovery module updated: added support for Vivaldi browser
  • [*] AutoTasks: tasklist files are now saved in Unicode
  • [*] Proxy: Fixed “Error code: -1” error when launching “Direct SOCKS” on a port which was unavailable
  • [*] Proxy: Added check when trying to use two same port numbers for Reverse SOCKS
  • [*] Builder: Fixed default remcos agent filename being profile.ini after saving profile manually
  • [*] Builder: Fixed default remcos agent filename being task.tsk after saving tasklist
  • [*] Shortcut keys tweaks to be more intuitive
  • [*] GUI tweaks

v2.1.0 | 04 December 2018

  • [!] Please update your Agents to v2.1.0 to use ScreenLogger
  • [*] ScreenLogger: Connection has been optimized to be faster and allow transfer of huge screenshots list
  • [*] ScreenLogger: Now it is possible to quickly select all screenshots in list using Ctrl + A
  • [*] ScreenLogger: Fixed connection drop when a very large amount of screenshots was listed
  • [*] ScreenLogger: Fixed Agent crash on right click and save screenshot
  • [*] CommandLine: Fixed agent crash when sending empty command
  • [*] Other minor fixes

v2.0.9 | 21 October 2018

  • [*] Fixed scaling issue on the v2.0.8 Control Center, which occurred on systems where scaling was different from 100%
  • [*] Installed Programs Manager: Fixed Access Violation on right click with no item selected (
  • [*] Services Manager: Fixed Access Violation on right click with no item selected

v2.0.8 | 20 October 2018

  • [!] Please update your agents to v2.0.8 to be able to use File Manager and the new features
  • [+] Control Center: Added “Computer Model” field in Hardware Info
  • [+] Control Center: Added “OS version” in System Info (ex. v10.0, Build 17130)
  • [+] Control Center: Ability to show secondary GPUs if any
  • [+] Control Center: Ability to download and view a full text log of the system and hardware info
  • [+] Control Center: Added Event Log for the single host
  • [+] Control Center: Added “Local Utilities” functions
  • [*] Control Center: Fixed GPU not showing correctly on some systems
  • [*] File Manager: fixed agent disconnection when browsing folders with huge number of files with KeepAlive active
  • [*] File Manager: fixed “not a valid integer” error when trying to download files whose sizes exceeds a 32-bit number (
  • [*] File Search: fixed search not starting when host wasn’t selected in the list
  • [*] Open Webpage: now if you don’t add a “www” or “http” prefix, webpage will still be launched (http by default)
  • [*] Open Webpage: fixed pressing Cancel button opening webpage
  • [+] Now Remcos Agent prints if Watchdog is active and if Remcos has been restarted by watchdog
  • [*] Event Log: fixed the save log to file’s filter suggesting .exe extension (
  • [*] Local Settings: fixed some functions menu items text being cut when unchecking “Show shortcut keys”
  • [*] Watchdog and Injection tweaks
  • [*] Builder optimization
  • [*] Updates on displayed Terms of Service

v2.0.7 | 17 September 2018

  • [+] Added IP Blacklist setting. You can find it in Local Settings -> IP Blacklist
  • [+] Added “Local Utilities” in Functions Menu.
    This new category comprehends functions which do not send any data to the remote host,
    but are useful for local management (Copy IP, Blacklist IP, Open Downloads Folder, etc.).
  • [+] Builder: now possible to do Stub selection between the full “Pro” stub and a “Light” stub.
    Both stubs are compiled with relocation table.
  • [+] Control Center: Now possible to copy the remote IP address to the clipboard (right click the Network Info list)
  • [*] Changes in the Remcos Updater. It won’t be possible to use old versions updater to download this version of Remcos.
    Please download v2.0.7 manually from your Client Area -> Downloads page.
  • [*] Minor fixes

v2.0.6 | 12 September 2018

  • [*] Optimized C&C load time on launch: now even faster,
    Remcos C&C takes 2/3 of previous time to launch when executed.
  • [*] Event Log: GUI improvements, milliseconds are now displayed
  • [*] Event Log: better verbose log
  • [*] About tab improvements: added Instruction Manual and other useful links
  • [*] Control Center: fixed Geolocation displaying strange values when unable to get info
  • [*] Fixed access violation error in C&C when disabling KeepAlive with connected hosts
  • [*] Other minor improvements and fixes.

v2.0.5 | 14 June 2018

This update contains many stability fixes and improvements, as well as additions of new useful features.

  • [+] Added Control Center, a complete improvement over the old Host Info Viewer.
    From the Control Center you will be able to easily and conveniently view all the important info of your remote machine,
    and launch any function.
  • [+] Control Center: Added real-time RAM usage viewer
  • [+] Control Center: Added real-time CPU usage viewer
  • [*] Fix: Fixed doubleclick on host not opening function when using visible shortkeys.
  • [*] Service Manager: Fixed Access Violation Error when closing form before initial data was received
  • [*] Installed Programs Manager: Fixed remcos agent crashing when unable to uninstall program
  • [*] Chat: Fixed “invalid characters” bug which prevented starting chat
  • [*] Chat: Fixed not closing old socket after reconnection
  • [*] Proxy: Fixed “Unable to Start Reverse Tunnel: Port already in use” error after reconnections of the remote host
  • [*] Proxy: Fixed remote agent CPU going to 100% after using reconnection function while proxy was active
  • [*] Proxy: Now port numbers are saved after closing form, and remembered when reopening form.
  • [*] Password Recovery: now recovered passwords are not cleared when launching new recovery session (unless you launch recovery on same machine).
  • [*] Password Recovery: Fixed having to close previous recovery session to launch new one (now recovery is relaunched when form was already visible)
  • [*] Downloader: minor fixes
  • [*] Updater: minor fixes
  • [*] Other minor improvements and fixes

v2.0.4 | 6 april 2018

  • [*] Remote CommandLine: fixes to prevent some commands from crashing the agent (bitstadmin, ftp…)
  • [*] Remote CommandLine: fix when pasting data with newlines in commandline
  • [*] Proxy: fixed Access Violation error when trying to stop multiple proxies from the list at the same time
  • [*] Proxy: fixed not being able to change reverse proxy ports after some errors on reverse proxy.
  • [*] Proxy: now textboxes for proxy ports accept only numerical characters

v2.0.3 | 29 march 2018

  • [*] Remote CommandLine function rewritten and improved.
  • [+] Window Manager: Added “Set window title” function
  • [*] Window Manager: now it is possible to select and apply actions to multiple windows altogether
  • [*] Window Manager: GUI improvements
  • [*] Registry Editor now supports Unicode.
  • [*] Registry Editor: now possible to insert 64 bit integers (fixed error)
  • [*] Registry Editor: Fixed error which crashed agent when adding a new empty value
  • [*] Registry Editor: now possible to multiselect and delete values
  • [*] Registry Editor: fix on select registry key using right click
  • [*] Registry Editor: Added the “New Key” menu function also in the Keys List Menu
  • [*] Registry Editor: other minor fixes and improvements
  • [*] Improvements on Agent Builder -> Connection
  • [*] Proxy: Now double clicking on item in “Proxy Servers” list will open the Proxy Management window

v2.0.1 – v2.0.2 | 10 february 2018

  • [*] Fixes on C&C

v2.0.0 | 02 february 2018

[*] Core Connection protocol totally rewritten, to improve efficiency and speed.
The new protocol has been designed to be faster, while also using less CPU and memory, compared to the old Remcos v1 protocol.
This will result in a generally faster experience of all functions which transmit data with the remote host.
The improvements are notable when communicating with a single remote host, but expecially when managing many hosts simoultaneously.

[+] Added Services Manager:

[+] Added Installed Programs manager:

[+] Added “Set Remote Wallpaper” function in menu


ScreenCapture improvements!

[+] ScreenCapture: Added “Sync Mouse Movements” option
[*] ScreenCapture: improved mouse remote input and clicks system, now possible to drag windows and objects around
[*] ScreenCapture: now while sending keystrokes, it gets status of Shift, Ctrl, Alt keys
[*] ScreenCapture: Optimized socket commands data to make transmission faster


File Manager improvements!

[*] FileManager: optimized socket commands data to make transmission faster
[*] FileManager: Fixed wrong displayed file size on completed downloads
[*] FileManager: improved “set wallpaper” function, now it is possible to choose wallpaper style.


And many other improvements:

[+] The double click action on remote hosts are now customizable.
You can now assign your favourite function to be opened directly by double-clicking on the host, without having to use the functions menu.
[+] Power Manager: Added “Force” option
[*] Listening Ports Local Settings: added the ability to start/stop a port without having to remove from list and readd it again.
[+] Keylogger: Added keylog file size limit option
[*] Keylogger: GUI changes and improvements
[*] GUI fixes and improvements on Process Manager / Window Manager / Functions Menu
[*] Send Command function now Unicode
[*] Fixed bug on categorized functions menu which was able to pop up when connection list was empty
[*] Fixed bug when remote host disconnects CurrentFrmClipboardManager
[*] Builder now signals incompatibility packers/injection
[*] Various other fixes and tweaks

[!] Due to the radical change of the core connection protocol, Remcos v1 agents are not compatible with Remcos v2 C&C and viceversa.
If you want to update remotely a Remcos v1 host, first build your new Remcos v2 remote agent;
then open the Remcos v1 C&C and use either the Update function, Download/Execute function, or File Manager to run the new Remcos v2 agent on the remote machine.


v1.9.9 – 17 december 2017

  • [+] Added “Restart remote agent” function.
    When receiving this command, Remcos agent will self-terminate and restart.
  • [*] Code optimizations
  • [*] Chat: fixed bug where you were able to send message before chat plugin was loaded
  • [*] Assigned Name: now, for a clearer view, the displayed name will no more contain the “unique ID” alphanumeric code postfix.
  • [+] Keylogger: now KL start/stop times are logged. This for both Online and Offline Keyloggers.
  • [*] Keylogger: fixed minor bug where the keylogs file wasn’t deleted after uninstallation or update. Happened if Selective Keylogger was enabled but not active
  • [*] Keylogger: minor formatting improvements
  • [*] Other minor improvements and fixes

v1.9.8 – 16 december 2017

  • [*] Process Injection: Fixed bug in “Inject custom process”, where Remcos was unable to inject custom process, so it injected browser.
    Bug was introduced in v1.9.0.
  • [*] Builder: now filename is saved in builder profile
  • [*] FileMgr: when in visible mode, the remote user can now see which folder are browsed via file manager and which files are executed.
    Useful for remote assistence and support sessions.
  • [*] Priviledge Escalation: Newer patched systems are now handled in UAC bypass exploit.
    If patched system is detected, exploit won’t launch, and Remcos will start normally.
  • [+] Added “Terms of agreement” button in About tab, so you can remember our terms of usage.
  • [*] Security improvements and fixes
  • [*] Other minor improvements and fixes

v1.9.7 – 13 december 2017

Update after update, Remcos large array of functions has increased longer and longer.
Remcos includes so many functions, that sometimes it was confusing to navigate among them all!

This new release features a new type of functions menu, where all the functions are grouped into Categories:

  1. System Management
  2. Surveillance
  3. Network functions
  4. Extra functions
  5. Remcos Remote Agent Management

You are always able to switch to the classic, expanded menu in Local Settings -> Preferences.

The new release also features fixes and tweaks.

Any feedback and comment is appreciated as always!

Here is complete changelog:

  • [+] Added new “Categorized style” functions menu. It can be possible to switch to the classic, “expanded” menu via the local settings.
  • [*] Rearrangements and changes to menu GUI and some shortkeys
  • [*] File Manager: fixed bug in C&C code when downloading very small files (below 65 kb)
  • [*] Other minor tweaks

v1.9.6 – 08 december 2017

  • [!] New authentication: download new KeyGen v4 from your client area and send us your new licence key, to work with Remcos v1.9.6
  • [+] Added new, Remcos-styled notification for new connections and disconnections.
    In the notification window, you can click the Remcos icon, to quickly open Remcos C&C when minimized or not in foreground.
    This new notification has been developed to replace the Windows-style notification, which may be annoying.
    You can still use the old Windows-style notification or no notification at all, by going in Local Settings.
  • [*] Fixed small GUI issue in CPU info on some systems (too many spaces)
  • [*] Small GUI improvements
  • [*] Changes on authentication and security
  • [*] Default Remcos Font has been changed from Tahoma to Arial

v1.9.5 – 21 november 2017

  • [+] ScreenCapture: added “view remote screen resolution” and “display in original resolution”
  • [+] Host Info: CPU & GPU added in remote host properties: Now it is possible to see the model of the system’s processor and graphics card.
  • [+] Remote Agent Updater: added option to choose download path
  • [*] ScreenCapture: fixed screensaver bug
  • [*] Host Info: improved GUI
  • [*] Other minor fixes and improvements
  • [!] Due to the improvements made, the new “Remote Agent Updater” function won’t work with the old remote agent versions. You can use your old C&C to use this function with your old remote agents. Or you can use the new v1.9.5 Download&Execute or FileManager, which are still compatible.

v1.9.4 – 16 November 2017

  • [*] Fixed error in previous release v1.9.3, which didn’t allow some old remote agent versions to connect to the new C&C .
  • [*] DLL Loader: fixed bug which didn’t allow to insert URL after selecting”From Local File” mode and going back to “From URL” mode
  • [*] Fixed false positive detection on anti-abuse/anti-cracking system
  • [*] DPI Scaling fixes
  • [*] GUI improvements and fixes

v1.9.3 – 14 November 2017

  • [+] Added “Installation path” in Host Info. Displays installation path of remcos agent file, even if it is injected.
  • [*] File Manager: fixed download file stuck issues on large file transfers.
  • [*] File Manager: File Upload code has been rewritten for better stability, speed and lower resource usage.
  • [*] File Manager: fixed C&C freeze when closing FileManager form after download stuck.
  • [*] File Manager: fixed flickering when using custom themes.
  • [*] File Manager: fixed access violation on “create new folder” function.
  • [*] File Manager: added error notification when failing to delete file or folder on remote system.
  • [*] File Manager: fixed listview items text displaying in bold after the transfer progressbar.
  • [*] File Manager: other minor fixes and improvements.
  • [*] Audio Capture: Fixed Offline Audio Recording not saving audio files, bug introduced in v1.9.0
  • [*] Audio Capture: Fixed Offline Audio folder not deleted on uninstallation.
  • [*] ScreenLogger: fixed memory bug which made ScreenLogger not start correctly in some cases.
  • [*] ScreenLogger: fixed error when opening screen logger and there was no remote screenlogger folder.
  • [*] ScreenLogger: better filenames (now name starts with “time” for time interval screenshots, and with “wnd” for Selective Window screenshots.
  • [*] ScreenLogger: other minor fixes and improvements.
  • [*] Keylogger: fixed Online keylogger not getting window title and clipboard when Offline keylogger was disabled.
  • [*] Chat: now chat scrolls down automatically on last message.
  • [*] Chat: GUI empty message fix on remote agent side.
  • [*] Fixed stub type (normal or relocations) not saved in builder profiles.
  • [*] Event Log: GUI improvements (new icons)
  • [*] Builder: GUI improvements

v1.9.2 – 10 October 2017

  • [+] Now it is possible to customize and select any font for Remcos C&C text!
    You can choose your favourite font from “Local Settings -> Preferences”.
  • [*] Fixes on remote agent installation and update functions, which caused an error popup on some systems.
  • [*] Fixes and improvements on form scaling on high resolution screens.
  • [*] ScreenCapture: fixed bug which caused application freeze when closing ScrCap form.
  • [*] ScreenLogger: fixed “cannot find local screenshot folder” message appearing when folder actually existed.
  • [*] Other minor improvements and fixes.

v1.9.1 – 06 Sep 2017

  • [+] Keylogger: now remote log file path is shown in the bottom of keylogger form.
  • [*] Keylogger: fixed bug introduced in v1.9.0 when using “unencrypted logs” mode
  • [*] Keylogger: fixed bug which happened when remote log got deleted when creating remote log inside a folder
  • [*] Keylogger: small other fixes and improvements
  • [*] Chat: fixed chat not working when remote host closed Remcos process and then reconnected
  • [*] Chat: now chat forms popup when new message is received.
  • [*] Chat: small other improvements and fixes.

v1.9.0 – 29 Aug 2017

Remcos v1.9 is an important update which adds new functionalities but mainly provides many fixes, and many Unicode compatibility improvements.
Almost all of the functions now fully support Unicode, so that you will be able to use Remcos flawlessly in any country, using any language in the world.
Chat function has been added, to make Remcos even more versatile in remote support sessions.

  • [+] Added Chat functionality
  • [+] Download&Execute: Added Download To Memory function
  • [+] Download&Execute: Added option to choose path for Download To File function
  • [+] AutoTasks: Download&Execute: Added Download To Memory function
  • [+] AutoTasks: Download&Execute: Added option to choose path for Download To File function
  • [+] Password Recovery: Added IP address in saved password files
  • [*] Greatly improved unicode compatibility in many parts of code and functions
  • [*] Fixed issues which happened when remote PC username had unicode characters
  • [*] Fixed issues in install/uninstall/update functions with path containing unicode characters
  • [*] Bugfix in AutoTasks tasklist loading
  • [*] Bugfix in AutoTasks Email Password Recovery
  • [*] Fixed form scaling issues which happened under some screen resolution and systems, which caused Remcos forms being cut
  • [*] Registry Editor: fixed “add new value” window appearing behind regedit form instead of keeping on top
  • [*] Many other minor fixes and improvements
  • [!] RETRO-COMPATIBILITY WARNING: Old Remote Hosts (up to v1.8.x) versions NOT compatible due to the many conversions and improvements to support unicode.
  • [!] It is highly recommended to update your remote hosts to this version in order to use newest update.
  • [!] To update, please build a new remote client using Remcos v1.9 Builder, then use your old v1.8 version to downloadexecute on remote host.

v1.8.2 – 09 Jul 2017

  • [+] Added “Change remote desktop wallpaper” function in FileManager.
  • [*] FileManager: fixes and improvements regarding UNICODE filenames and paths
  • [*] FileManager: fixed bug on file transfer when transferring multiple files using encrypted connection
  • [*] Fixed multithread bug on RC4 encryption class
  • [*] AutoTasks: Minor fixes and improvements (fixed black cmd window appearing when launching cmd command)
  • [!] It is recommended to update your remote hosts to this version in order to use FileManager properly.

v1.8.1 – 06 Jun 2017

  • [*] Fixes on Proxy module

v1.8.0 – 02 Jun 2017

  • [+] Added Direct SOCKSv5 modules and functionality.
  • [+] Added Reverse SOCKSv5 modules and functionality.
  • [*] BugFix: Agent: Fixed deallocated memory access bug
  • [*] BugFix: Auto-Task: Fixed bug when sending multiple commands.
  • [*] Event Log Improvements: added icons for event type (info, warning, error, success)
  • [*] Other minor improvements and fixes

v1.7.4.1 – 15 Feb 2017

  • [*] ScreenCapture: Small GUI fix on the “show remote mouse cursor” checkbox when resizing form.

v1.7.4 – 14 Feb 2017

  • [+] Added “Rename remote client” function, to change it’s assigned name on the fly.
  • [+] Screen Capture: Added option to show remote mouse cursor.
  • [+] Screen Logger: Added option to show remote mouse cursor.
  • [*] Minor bugfix: Fixed out of range error message, which appeared when pressing a shortkeys while connections listview was focused but with 0 hosts connected.
  • [*] Minor GUI changes/improvements.

v1.7.3 – 23 Jan 2017

  • [*] Password Recovery & Automatic Recovery: improvements and fixes, now recovery is done via dedicated socket.
    IMPORTANT: Password Recovery function from this version is NOT compatible with older versions Password Recovery.
    Update remote hosts to new version in order to use the upgraded Password Recovery.
  • [*] Webcam Capture: GUI improvements, and now Frame Timestamp is displayed.
  • [*] Screen Capture: Fixed crash occurring when there is no display to render.
  • [*] Now windows created by functions stay on top of the Main C&C Window.
    This provides a more comfortable experience, expecially when using many functions alltogether, or if you want to keep Remcos C&C fullscreen.

v1.7.2 – 20 Jan 2017

  • [*] Improved compatibility of watchdog and injection functions with crypter/packer software; now these functions should be compatible with almost any crypter.

v1.7.1 – 19 Jan 2017

  • [+] Added Watchdog functionality which protects Remcos file and process from accidental termination or deletion;
    if this function is activated, it will be possible to uninstall Remcos easily only by using Close or Uninstall functions from C&C.
  • [+] Added Registry watchdog, which protects Remcos registry entries from corruption or deletion.
  • [*] Minor fixes and improvements.

v1.7 – 05 Jan 2017

  • [+] Added Remote Registry Editor function.

v1.6.11 – 18 Dec 2016

  • [+] C&C: Added changelog button

v1.6.10 – 17 Dec 2016

  • [+] C&C: Now Operative System architecture (32/64 bit) is displayed on  OS column as well.
  • [*] Agent: bugfix on installation which occurred when installing under system32 in 64bit platform.

v1.6.9 – 14 Dec 2016

  • [+] Added stub selection, with relocation build option.
  • [*] Agent: fixed crash which occurred when connecting to a DNS via a disabled network adapter.
  • [*] Controller: Fixed visual bug on some Info MessageBoxes cutting long text when using custom theme.
  • [*] C&C: Screencapture: now mouse clicks and keystrokes are not sent anymore if screencapture is disabled or in “single frame” mode.
v1.6.8 – 12 Dec 2016
  • [+] Added Remote Scripting function: allows you to quickly write, launch and monitor scripts on all of your machines.
    Supports VBScript, JavaScript and Batch.
    Scripts get deleted as soon as they finish their execution.
    You need to update your remote clients to be able to use this function on them.
  • [+] Added Shortcut Keys for menu functions, so you can quickly pop up functions using the keyboard.
    You can hide/show display of shortcut keys in menu from Local Settings -> Preferences.
v1.6.7 – 09 Dec 2016
  • [+] Agent: more detailed displayed info (in visible mode).
  • [+] C&C: Now you can set custom ping interval.
  • [+] C&C: “Assigned name” field replaced with “ID” field, which contains assigned prefix + a unique identifier (based on remote OS name, PC/Username, IP address, Mutex), to identify a remote connection with an unique identifier.
  • [*] C&C: Fixed access violation error which happened on closing Remcos C&C and prevented Remcos from closing using the X button; this error occurred in some particular cases after user logs out and in Windows
  • [*] C&C: Changed design of Settings section, to make it more tidy.
  • [*] C&C: Fixed KeepAlive Sleep problem which happened on some systems, and caused connections to disconnect and reconnect in some conditions.
  • [*] C&C: Fixed memory leak on GeoLocalization thread.
  • [*] Other small fixes and improvements.
  • [!] Now on Remcos Free is no more available “invisible” mode.
v1.6.6 – 24 Nov 2016
  • [+] Added mail clients recovery (Thunderbird, Outlook)
  • [+] Added on-demand Clear cookies/logins option in keylogger form

v1.6.5 – 19 Oct 2016

  •    [*] C&C: Fixes regarding new builder system
  •    [*] Agent: Small fixes regarding injection on 64-bit platforms
  •    [*] File Manager: now it is possible to open remotely multiple files simoultaneously

v1.6.4 – 16 Oct 2016

  •    [+] Added Builder Profiles system
  •    [*] Corrected visual bug in some locations displyed using GeoIP method

v1.6.3 – 11 Oct 2016

  • [+] Now you have the option to create a custom folder to install remcos exe and keylogs. The custom folder will be created inside the chosen parent director, ex. C:WindowsRemcosremcos.exe.
    You can still install remcos without own folder, ex. C:Windowsremcos.exe, by simply leaving custom folder field blank.
  • [*] Fixed “zombie remcos” bug, which made the C&C unresponsive and had to be killed by task manager. This bug happened in some cases after a prolonged use of the C&C.
  • [*] Other stability and performance improvements.
  • [*] Few small GUI fixes and improvements.

v1.6.2 – 25 Sep 2016

  • [*] Small improvements and bugfixes related to installation, UAC bypass and Password Recovery AutoTask.

v1.6.1 – 24 Sep 2016

  • [+] AutoTasks:Added ability to save/load tasklists.
  • [*] Now order and width of columns in connections listview get remembered after you restart Remcos C&C (They are saved in remcos .ini file).

v1.6.0.1 – 21 Sep 2016

  • [*] Fixed bug related to wrong display of remote computer name in some rare cases.
  • [*] ScreenCapture & CamCapture: Fixed visual misalignment of some components when resizing form, this visual bug     was introduced in v1.6.

v1.6 – 17 Sep 2016

  • [+] Added IP Geolocation
  • [+] Added Priviledge Escalation Exploit (UAC Bypass)
  • [+] Anti-Analysis: Added Self-Uninstall reaction: erase itself completely from system when selected analysis environment is detected
  • [+] Screen Capture: Added “AutoSave all frames” function
  • [+] Webcam Capture: Added “AutoSave all frames” function
  • [+] Window Manager: Added options to maximize and restore windows
  • [*] Password Recovery: optimized to make it slightly faster
  • [*] Process Manager: Fixed “List Index out of bounds” error which appeared after sorting connections in custom order
  • [*] Builder: Installation ComboBoxes are now not-editable, to prevent user errors

v 1.5.2 – 02 Sep 2016

  • [+] Added “Local Connection Address” in HostInfo form
  • [+] Added “Priviledge Level” in HostInfo form
  • [*] Fixed “List Index out of bounds” error which appeared after sorting connections in custom order
  • [*] Fixed visual bug which made ports appear as listening in some cases, even after error message when ports where
    signaled as unavailable
  • [*] Fixed connection bug which happened in some particular cases when more then 1 connection address was
    specified, and prevented remote host to connect to C&C until some time
  • [*] Fixed visual bug on CamCapture function, which signaled a wrong “no camera detected” message when multiple instances of CamCapture where running together
  • [*] Other minor improvements and fixes.

v – 26 Aug 2016

  • [*] Fixed bug in tray notification not showing info correctly, bug was introduced in v1.5.1 due to unicode conversion.

v 1.5.1 – 25 Aug 2016

  • [+] Added System Uptime view.
  • [*] Unicode: Window Manager and Computer/Username are now Unicode
  • [*] Fixed flickering of listview when many connections are active
  • [+] WebCam Capture: added Open Local Pictures Folder button, to quick access pictures folder.
  • [*] WebCam Capture: no more msgbox notifying of file saved (now notified in statusbar, more comfortable)
  • [!] Not compatible with previous versions of remote hosts, due to unicode improvements. Use your older version of Remcos to update your remote hosts to v1.5.1.

v 1.5 – 22 Aug 2016

  • [+] Added Fun Functions
  • [+] Now it is possible to customize application look, by selecting one from a total of 26 different skins.
  • [*] Improved Unicode compatibility for unicode languages (chinese etc.), including changes on File Manager, File Search, Process Manager, and Active Window Title.
  • [*] Other minor changes and fixes
  • [!] Not fully compatible with remote hosts and .ini config file of previous versions. Delete remcos_settings.ini file before opening v1.5, and update your remote hosts to v1.5.

v 1.4 – 14 Aug 2016

  • [+] Added Force Relogin function
  • [*] ScreenCapture: Now Mouse/Keyboard input value gets remembered (no more always enabled as default)
  • [*] Bugfixes

v 1.3 – 1 Aug 2016

  • [+] Added Idle Time view in main interface.
  • [*] Now it’s possible to drag columns of main interface, to place them in custom order.
  • [*] Small fixes on keylogger.
  • [!] v1.3 is not compatible with old agents.

v 1.2 – 30 Jul 2016

  • [+] Added Selective Keylogger functionality!
    Selective Keylogger will log keystrokes only when typed inside a chosen window/s.
    Now possible from builder to enable Offline Keylogger in Log Everything mode, or in Selective Keylogging mode.
  • [*] Improvements on the existing keylogger functionality
  • [*] Some GUI improvements
  • [*] Minor bugfixes

v – 27 Jul 2016

  • [*] Fixed access violation error on C&C, which occurred sometimes when multiple remote hosts are connected, and get abruptly disconnected due to network stoppage or other hard disconnections.

v 1.1.1 – 26 Jul 2016

  • [*] Fixed Remcos program updater, which did display new update but didn’t download it correctly.
  • [*] Fixed access violation error which occurred in some cases on program exit.

v 1.1 – 24 Jul 2016

  • [+] Added Password Recovery function.
  • [+] Added Password Recovery automatic task.
  • [*] Fixed Editable TreeView in Builder section.

v 1.0 – 21 Jul 2016

  • First public release of Remcos.