CyberGuard is an essential security tool to monitor and protect your computer from a variety of threats:

  • Malware and Viruses of any kind;
  • Unwanted surveillance or telemetry;
  • Unwanted data collection.

CyberGuard combines the functionality of an AntiMalware, a Firewall and an IDPS (Intrusion Detection & Prevention System).
CyberGuard is designed to be lightweight, fast, effective, and, on top of that, it protects your privacy in addition to your security, as it does not leak or distribute your files!


Version 2.1 Update:

  • 🛡 File Scanner: Improvements to the engine for better threat detection accuracy
  • 📡 Network Scanner: Added monitoring of TCP port opens
  • 🎨 Activity Monitor: Added button to filter out low importance activity
  • 🔩 Error Fix: Fixed some process activity not showing in the event log
  • 🔩 Code optimizations: Various code optimizations and improvements

Full CyberGuard changelog here.

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