We proudly announce the release of our new ViottoKeylogger.
ViottoKeylogger is a software designed to monitor computers of your property when you are away.
It can be used in a variety of situations such as parental monitoring, personal computer monitoring, and penetration testing.

ViottoKeylogger v4.0 is a new project entirely developed from scratch,
in native C++ (Builder coded in native Delphi)
which upgrades the old versions, coded in VB6.
We decided to re-write the project from zero,
to make it more modern, more userfriendly, and better in any way, thanks to the addition of more advanced features:

Full Unicode Support: Supports any Keyboard layout

ViottoKeylogger v4.0 has full unicode support,
which means that it works flawlessly with any language, alphabet, and special character.
You will always get the keys logged correctly, no matter the language.

Vastly Improved Builder

The GUI of the Builder has been improved in many ways.
Now it is much more user-friendly and easy to use.

Easier to Setup and Use

License activation is now immediate and automatic by using the included Keygen.
Also, there is no need anymore to install any .ocx file for the builder like in the old VB6 versions.

… And much more!

Download ViottoKeylogger to find out all the new features.
To new customers, we offer a 10% discount coupon code, valid for 10 days only, to buy ViottoKeylogger:

All existing customers can get the update for free, as always.

Best regards,
the BreakingSecurity.net team

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