Remcos v1.6.7 update!

v1.6.7 – 09 Dec 2016
  • [+] Backdoor: more detailed displayed info (in visible mode).
  • [+] C&C: Now you can set custom ping interval.
  • [+] C&C: “Assigned name” field replaced with “ID” field, which contains assigned prefix + a unique identifier (based on remote OS name, PC/Username, IP address, Mutex), to identify a remote connection with an unique identifier.
  • [*] C&C: Fixed access violation error which happened on closing Remcos C&C and prevented Remcos from closing using the X button; this error occurred in some particular cases after user logs out and in Windows
  • [*] C&C: Changed design of Settings section, to make it more tidy.
  • [*] C&C: Fixed KeepAlive Sleep problem which happened on some systems, and caused connections to disconnect and reconnect in some conditions.
  • [*] C&C: Fixed memory leak on GeoLocalization thread.
  • [*] Other small fixes and improvements.
  • [!] Now on Remcos Free is no more available “invisible” mode.
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