Remcos v1.6 released!

v1.6 – 17 Sep 2016

  • [+] Added IP Geolocation
  • [+] Added Priviledge Escalation Exploit (UAC Bypass)
  • [+] Anti-Analysis: Added Self-Uninstall reaction: erase itself completely from system when selected analysis environment is detected
  • [+] Screen Capture: Added “AutoSave all frames” function
  • [+] Webcam Capture: Added “AutoSave all frames” function
  • [+] Window Manager: Added options to maximize and restore windows
  • [*] Password Recovery: optimized to make it slightly faster
  • [*] Process Manager: Fixed “List Index out of bounds” error which appeared after sorting connections in custom order
  • [*] Builder: Installation ComboBoxes are now not-editable, to prevent user errors
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