Remcos v1.9.3 & v1.9.4 updates

Dear users,

these two new updates, released at the distance of just a day,  aimed on fixing and improving most of the existent functionalities of Remcos.
It is highly recommended that you update to latest version (v1.9.4) both your C&C and your remote agents.
The new update cointans several improvements and fixes, as you can see from the changelog.
We thank our customers for reporting us their feedback, which we based this update on.


v1.9.4 – 16 November 2017

  • [*] Fixed error in previous release v1.9.3, which didn’t allow some old remote agent versions to connect to the new C&C .
  • [*] DLL Loader: fixed bug which didn’t allow to insert URL after selecting”From Local File” mode and going back to “From URL” mode
  • [*] Fixed false positive detection on anti-abuse/anti-cracking system
  • [*] DPI Scaling fixes
  • [*] GUI improvements and fixes

v1.9.3 – 14 November 2017

  • [+] Added “Installation path” in Host Info. Displays installation path of remcos backdoor file, even if it is injected.
  • [*] File Manager: fixed download file stuck issues on large file transfers.
  • [*] File Manager: File Upload code has been rewritten for better stability, speed and lower resource usage.
  • [*] File Manager: fixed C&C freeze when closing FileManager form after download stuck.
  • [*] File Manager: fixed flickering when using custom themes.
  • [*] File Manager: fixed access violation on “create new folder” function.
  • [*] File Manager: added error notification when failing to delete file or folder on remote system.
  • [*] File Manager: fixed listview items text displaying in bold after the transfer progressbar.
  • [*] File Manager: other minor fixes and improvements.
  • [*] Audio Capture: Fixed Offline Audio Recording not saving audio files, bug introduced in v1.9.0
  • [*] Audio Capture: Fixed Offline Audio folder not deleted on uninstallation.
  • [*] ScreenLogger: fixed memory bug which made ScreenLogger not start correctly in some cases.
  • [*] ScreenLogger: fixed error when opening screen logger and there was no remote screenlogger folder.
  • [*] ScreenLogger: better filenames (now name starts with “time” for time interval screenshots, and with “wnd” for Selective Window screenshots.
  • [*] ScreenLogger: other minor fixes and improvements.
  • [*] Keylogger: fixed Online keylogger not getting window title and clipboard when Offline keylogger was disabled.
  • [*] Chat: now chat scrolls down automatically on last message.
  • [*] Chat: GUI empty message fix on remote agent side.
  • [*] Fixed stub type (normal or relocations) not saved in builder profiles.
  • [*] Event Log: GUI improvements (new icons)
  • [*] Builder: GUI improvements


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