Remcos v1.9.5 update!



v1.9.5 – 21 november 2017

  • [+] ScreenCapture: added “view remote screen resolution” and “display in original resolution”
  • [+] Host Info: CPU & GPU added in remote host properties: Now it is possible to see the model of the system’s processor and graphics card.
  • [+] Remote Agent Updater: added option to choose download path
  • [*] ScreenCapture: fixed screensaver bug
  • [*] Host Info: improved GUI
  • [*] Other minor fixes and improvements
  • [!] Due to the improvements made, the new “Remote Agent Updater” function won’t work with the old remote agent versions. You can use your old C&C to use this function with your old remote agents. Or you can use the new v1.9.5 Download&Execute or FileManager, which are still compatible.
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