Remcos v1.9.6 released!

v1.9.6 – 08 december 2017

  • [!] New authentication: download new KeyGen v4 from your client area and send us your new licence key, to work with Remcos v1.9.6
  • [+] Added new, Remcos-styled notification for new connections and disconnections.
    In the notification window, you can click the Remcos icon, to quickly open Remcos C&C when minimized or not in foreground.
    This new notification has been developed to replace the Windows-style notification, which may be annoying.
    You can still use the old Windows-style notification or no notification at all, by going in Local Settings.
  • [*] Fixed small GUI issue in CPU info on some systems (too many spaces)
  • [*] Small GUI improvements
  • [*] Changes on authentication and security
  • [*] Default Remcos Font has been changed from Tahoma to Arial
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