Remcos v1.9.8 & v1.9.9 updates

v1.9.9 – 17 december 2017

  • [+] Added “Restart remote agent” function.
    When receiving this command, Remcos agent will self-terminate and restart.
  • [*] Code optimizations
  • [*] Chat: fixed bug where you were able to send message before chat plugin was loaded
  • [*] Assigned Name: now, for a clearer view, the displayed name will no more contain the “unique ID” alphanumeric code postfix.
  • [+] Keylogger: now KL start/stop times are logged. This for both Online and Offline Keyloggers.
  • [*] Keylogger: fixed minor bug where the keylogs file wasn’t deleted after uninstallation or update. Happened if Selective Keylogger was enabled but not active
  • [*] Keylogger: minor formatting improvements
  • [*] Other minor improvements and fixes

v1.9.8 – 16 december 2017

  • [*] Process Injection: Fixed bug in “Inject custom process”, where Remcos was unable to inject custom process, so it injected browser.
    Bug was introduced in v1.9.0.
  • [*] Builder: now filename is saved in builder profile
  • [*] FileMgr: when in visible mode, the remote user can now see which folder are browsed via file manager and which files are executed.
    Useful for remote assistence and support sessions.
  • [*] Priviledge Escalation: Newer patched systems are now handled in UAC bypass exploit.
    If patched system is detected, exploit won’t launch, and Remcos will start normally.
  • [+] Added “Terms of agreement” button in About tab, so you can remember our terms of usage.
  • [*] Security improvements and fixes
  • [*] Other minor improvements and fixes
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