Remcos v2.0.3 released!

Remcos v2.0.3 changelog Р29 march 2018

  • [*] Remote CommandLine function rewritten and improved.
  • [+] Window Manager: Added “Set window title” function
  • [*] Window Manager: now it is possible to select and apply actions to multiple windows altogether
  • [*] Window Manager: GUI improvements
  • [*] Registry Editor now supports Unicode.
  • [*] Registry Editor: now possible to insert 64 bit integers (fixed error)
  • [*] Registry Editor: Fixed error which crashed agent when adding a new empty value
  • [*] Registry Editor: now possible to multiselect and delete values
  • [*] Registry Editor: fix on select registry key using right click
  • [*] Registry Editor: Added the “New Key” menu function also in the Keys List Menu
  • [*] Registry Editor: other minor fixes and improvements
  • [*] Improvements on Agent Builder -> Connection
  • [*] Proxy: Now double clicking on item in “Proxy Servers” list will open the Proxy Management window
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