Remcos v2.0.5 released!

v2.0.5 – 14 June 2018

This update contains many stability fixes and improvements, as well as additions of new useful features.

  • [+] Added Control Center, a complete improvement over the old Host Info Viewer.
    From the Control Center you will be able to easily and conveniently view all the important info of your remote machine,
    and launch any function.
  • [+] Control Center: Added real-time RAM usage viewer
  • [+] Control Center: Added real-time CPU usage viewer
  • [*] Fix: Fixed doubleclick on host not opening function when using visible shortkeys.
  • [*] Service Manager: Fixed Access Violation Error when closing form before initial data was received
  • [*] Installed Programs Manager: Fixed remcos agent crashing when unable to uninstall program
  • [*] Chat: Fixed “invalid characters” bug which prevented starting chat
  • [*] Chat: Fixed not closing old socket after reconnection
  • [*] Proxy: Fixed “Unable to Start Reverse Tunnel: Port already in use” error after reconnections of the remote host
  • [*] Proxy: Fixed remote agent CPU going to 100% after using reconnection function while proxy was active
  • [*] Proxy: Now port numbers are saved after closing form, and remembered when reopening form.
  • [*] Password Recovery: now recovered passwords are not cleared when launching new recovery session (unless you launch recovery on same machine).
  • [*] Password Recovery: Fixed having to close previous recovery session to launch new one (now recovery is relaunched when form was already visible)
  • [*] Downloader: minor fixes
  • [*] Updater: minor fixes
  • [*] Other minor improvements and fixes
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