Remcos v2.0.7 released!


v2.0.7 – 17 September 2018

  • [+] Added IP Blacklist setting. You can find it in Local Settings -> IP Blacklist
  • [+] Added “Local Utilities” in Functions Menu.
    This new category comprehends functions which do not send any data to the remote host,
    but are useful for local management (Copy IP, Blacklist IP, Open Downloads Folder, etc.).
  • [+] Builder: now possible to do Stub selection between the full “Pro” stub and a “Light” stub.
    Both stubs are compiled with relocation table.
  • [+] Control Center: Now possible to copy the remote IP address to the clipboard (right click the Network Info list)
  • [*] Changes in the Remcos Updater. It won’t be possible to use old versions updater to download this version of Remcos.
    Please download v2.0.7 manually from your Client Area -> Downloads page.
  • [*] Minor fixes
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