Remcos v2.0.8 released!

Remcos v2.0.8 – 20 October 2018

  • [!] Please update your agents to v2.0.8 to be able to use File Manager and the new features
  • [+] Control Center: Added “Computer Model” field in Hardware Info
  • [+] Control Center: Added “OS version” in System Info (ex. v10.0, Build 17130)
  • [+] Control Center: Ability to show secondary GPUs if any
  • [+] Control Center: Ability to download and view a full text log of the system and hardware info
  • [+] Control Center: Added Event Log for the single host
  • [+] Control Center: Added “Local Utilities” functions
  • [*] Control Center: Fixed GPU not showing correctly on some systems
  • [*] File Manager: fixed agent disconnection when browsing folders with huge number of files with KeepAlive active
  • [*] File Manager: fixed “not a valid integer” error when trying to download files whose sizes exceeds a 32-bit number (
  • [*] File Search: fixed search not starting when host wasn’t selected in the list
  • [*] Open Webpage: now if you don’t add a “www” or “http” prefix, webpage will still be launched (http by default)
  • [*] Open Webpage: fixed pressing Cancel button opening webpage
  • [+] Now Remcos Agent prints if Watchdog is active and if Remcos has been restarted by watchdog
  • [*] Event Log: fixed the save log to file’s filter suggesting .exe extension (
  • [*] Local Settings: fixed some functions menu items text being cut when unchecking “Show shortcut keys”
  • [*] Watchdog and Injection tweaks
  • [*] Builder optimization
  • [*] Updates on displayed Terms of Service
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