Remcos v2.0 update!!!



[*] Core Connection protocol totally rewritten, to improve efficiency and speed.
The new protocol has been designed to be faster, while also using less CPU and memory, compared to the old Remcos v1 protocol.
This will result in a generally faster experience of all functions which transmit data with the remote host.
The improvements are notable when communicating with a single remote host, but expecially when managing many hosts simoultaneously.

[+] Added Services Manager:

[+] Added Installed Programs manager:

[+] Added “Set Remote Wallpaper” function in menu


ScreenCapture improvements!

[+] ScreenCapture: Added “Sync Mouse Movements” option
[*] ScreenCapture: improved mouse remote input and clicks system, now possible to drag windows and objects around
[*] ScreenCapture: now while sending keystrokes, it gets status of Shift, Ctrl, Alt keys
[*] ScreenCapture: Optimized socket commands data to make transmission faster


File Manager improvements!

[*] FileManager: optimized socket commands data to make transmission faster
[*] FileManager: Fixed wrong displayed file size on completed downloads
[*] FileManager: improved “set wallpaper” function, now it is possible to choose wallpaper style.


And many other improvements:

[+] The double click action on remote hosts are now customizable.
You can now assign your favourite function to be opened directly by double-clicking on the host, without having to use the functions menu.
[+] Power Manager: Added “Force” option
[*] Listening Ports Local Settings: added the ability to start/stop a port without having to remove from list and readd it again.
[+] Keylogger: Added keylog file size limit option
[*] Keylogger: GUI changes and improvements
[*] GUI fixes and improvements on Process Manager / Window Manager / Functions Menu
[*] Send Command function now Unicode
[*] Fixed bug on categorized functions menu which was able to pop up when connection list was empty
[*] Fixed bug when remote host disconnects CurrentFrmClipboardManager
[*] Builder now signals incompatibility packers/injection
[*] Various other fixes and tweaks

[!] Due to the radical change of the core connection protocol, Remcos v1 agents are not compatible with Remcos v2 C&C and viceversa.
If you want to update remotely a Remcos v1 host, first build your new Remcos v2 remote agent;
then open the Remcos v1 C&C and use either the Update function, Download/Execute function, or File Manager to run the new Remcos v2 agent on the remote machine.



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