Remcos v2.4.0 released!

This new, juicy update introduces various new functions and improvements.

v2.4.0 – 27-Mar-2019

  • [+] New Function: Audio Player
  • [+] File Manager: Added “Play audio file” function in menu
  • [+] Added Command: Show Agent.
    Sets Remcos Agent in visible mode on remote system.
  • [+] Added Command: Elevate Remcos (under Remcos Management).
    This function can now be launched anytime as command, in addition to be a builder installation option.
  • [+] Window Manager: Added command to show Titleless windows
  • [+] Window Manager: Added command to show Invisible windows
  • [+] Window Manager: Added command to hide windows
  • [+] Window Manager: now displays visibility status of windows (Visible or Invisible)
  • [*] Window Manager: Fixed agent crash when setting an empty window title
  • [*] Window Manager: data optimizations
  • [*] Improvement: Connections restart no more needed when changing visual theme
  • [+] Added 2 new visual themes (Aqua Graphite and Cobalt XEMedia)
  • [*] Fixed error: Duplicate host after changing theme; fixed.
  • [*] Fixed error: Changing theme readds all ports as opened, even when they were closed; fixed.
  • [*] File Search: Fixed listview flickering
  • [*] Elevation: fixed launch on some systems
  • [*] Other code optimizations
  • [!] Be sure to update your Agents to latest version to use new functions and avoid compatibility problems.

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