Remcos v2.6.0 update released!

v2.6.0 | 10 Jul 2020

  • [+] ScreenCapture: Added Multi-Monitor Support
  • [+] Builder: Added IPConfig button to quickly open the Windows Ipconfig utility with one click.
  • [*] Connection Protocol: Improved cryptographic strength
  • [*] Notification: Improved GUI
  • [*] Agent Crash fix: Fixed error when including “|” character in connection password
  • [-] Removed obsolete startup methods Winlogon/Shell and Winlogon/Userinit
  • [*] Other minor fixes and improvements
  • [!] This Remcos version is not compatible with previous Agents versions.
    Please update your Remcos Agents to v2.6.0.
    Old Agents won’t connect to the Controller, but you will get an event log notification if they are trying to connect.

View full changelog here.

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