Remcos v2.7.0 update released!

v2.7.0 | 10 Aug 2020

  • [*] Proxy: Fixed the “Unable to load socks.dll in current process” error, which happened sometimes when using Reverse Proxy
  • [*] Proxy: Other minor tweaks
  • [*] Password Recovery: updated to decrypt the new password encryption on Opera browser
  • [*] Chat: Fixed Agent crash when uploading chat plugin (this error was introduced in v2.6.0)
  • [*] Builder: some bugfixes
  • [*] Connection Protocol: some changes and optimizations
  • [!] This Remcos version is not compatible with previous Agents versions, due to the connection protocol improvements.
  • Please update your Remcos Agents to v2.7.0.
  • Old Agents won’t connect to the Controller, but you will get an event log notification if they are trying to connect.

Full changelog here:

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