Remcos v3.0.2 update

v3.0.2 | 13 Feb 2021

  • [*] Now possible to select all Agents in list using Ctrl + A
  • [+] [FileSearch] Now showing number of found files
  • [*] [FileSearch] Now possible to start search by hitting “Enter” keyboard button on Search path text
  • [*] [FileSearch] Fixed access violation error on Controller when using “Open Location in File Manager” when FileManager form not yet created
  • [*] [FileSearch] Fixed access violation error on Agent after closing File Search when search was already finished
  • [*] [FileSearch] Fixed agent crash when stopping search when searching on multiple machines simoultaneously
  • [*] [FileSearch] Minor GUI improvements
  • [*] [Remcos Updater] Improved updater speed, messages, and error handling
  • [*] [Agent Builder] When building agent, build path is now remembered in save dialog
  • [*] [Notification] Fixed notification sound not always playing fully
  • [*] [KeepAlive] Minor tweaks

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