Remcos v3.1.0 update

v3.1.0 | 17 Feb 2021

  • [*] Connection: optimizations and improvements to be faster and transmit less data per packet
  • [*] Fixed Remcos Controller incompatibilities when running on a Chinese OS
  • [*] Connection: fixed Agent crash when reconnecting and switching from unencrypted to TLS connection
  • [*] Connection: Various TLS related optimizations
  • [*] Control Center: Fixed “Copy IP address” function not correctly copying IP
  • [*] File Manager: Set Desktop Wallpaper function greyed out if selected file is not an image
  • [*] Other minor fixes
  • [!] Due to the connection protocol improvements, which is now faster and transmits less data, previous Remcos agents are not compatible with Remcos v3.1.
    If you want to update remotely a old Remcos Agent, first build your new Remcos v3.1 remote agent;
    then open the old Remcos Controller and use either the Update function, Download/Execute function, or File Manager to run the new Remcos v3.1 agent on the remote machine.

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