Remcos v3.1.2 update

v3.1.2 | 02 Mar 2021

  • [+] Downloader: interface has been improved, now displays connected machines, and download status (downloading/success/error) for each computer
  • [*] Downloader: various other improvements, optimizations and fixes
  • [*] AutoTasks: Downloader: now download status (success/error) is displayed in the event log
  • [*] AutoTasks: improvements on events shown
  • [*] Connection: Fixed “Unable to load TLS.dll” error when starting Remcos Controller, happening on few systems
  • [*] Connection: Fixed TLS verification failed on agent on some systems with a faulty clock
  • [*] Blacklist: Info improvements on Info button

Includes KeyGen v4.2.0 update:

  • [+] Automatic immediate license activation

Full version history:

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