Remcos v3.1.5 update

v3.1.5 | 18 Jun 2021

  • [+] Agent Builder: added Button to quickly open builder output folder
  • [*] AutoTasks: Fixed Keylogs Download function not collecting logs
  • [*] AutoTasks: Now Uninstall AutoTask waits for all the other tasks to finish before uninstalling
  • [*] AutoTasks: improved events in Event Viewer
  • [*] AutoTasks: Other minor functionality fixes and GUI improvements
  • [*] ScreenCapture: Fixed access violation error when closing form when ScreenCapture was still initializing
  • [*] Password Recovery: fixed issue of passwords sometimes not recovered
  • [*] Injection: minor fixes and improvements
  • [*] Corrected some typos in Info Messages
  • [*] Other minor improvements and fixes

View full changelog here.

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