Remcos v3.2.0 release

We just released Remcos v3.2.0, which includes new cool features, such as the ability to build your Agents as Shellcode or DLL, as well as stability fixes.
As always, you can update directly from your Remcos program, or download the package from our website.


v3.2.0 | 30 Jul 2021

  • [+] Added option to Build DLL Agents
  • [+] Added option to Build Shellcode Agents
  • [+] Agent Builder: On a Build error, now a more detailed description of the error is displayed.
  • [*] Agent Builder: Fixed “Build Failed” error happening after some time that Remcos Controller was kept open
  • [*] Agent Builder: GUI improvements
  • [*] Agent Builder: Uploaded included UPX packer to latest version (v3.96)
  • [*] Dll Loader: Tweaks and fixes
  • [*] CamCapture: Changes on plugin compression
  • [+] Control Center: Now displays Agent Type (EXE, DLL or Shellcode)
  • [*] Other minor improvements and fixes

View full Remcos changelog here.

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