Remcos v3.3.0 Update

v3.3.0 | 02 Oct 2021

Remcos v3.3.0 is an update which features improved connection stability,
the resolution of various errors,
and quality-of-life improvements.

A lot of work has been put in testing and improving the connection protocol to make it extremely robust.

  • [*] Connection: Improved handling of many connections
  • [*] Connection: Improved multithreading for better stability and performance
  • [*] KeepAlive: Improved KeepAlive system for a more robust and stable connection.
  • [*] KeepAlive: improved to be more performant and use less resources
  • [*] Connection Stability: Fixed TLS error which could cause Agent crash on disconnection
  • [*] Connection Stability: Fixed TLS error which could cause Agent not to reconnect
  • [*] TLS Connection: Agents reconnect faster to Controller thanks to better multithreading
  • [*] TLS: Controller: Fixed not-thread-safe initialization error when opening many ports at once
  • [*] Connection Protocol Tweaks for better stability
  • [+] Added function to display your Public IP address, in Agent Builder -> Connection and in Local Settings -> Connection.
    Now it will be easier and faster to check what is your public IP, without having to rely on external services.
    If you want, you can set this option to Automatic in Local Settings -> Preferences.
  • [*] Event Log: if Verbose option is set, more detailed events are displayed.
    Added various events related to connection
  • [+] Event Log: Added AutoScroll option
  • [*] Event Log: Now it is possible to rearrange columns positions
  • [*] Event Log Improved GUI and Info (column order, added TLS init notification, changed start/stop port icons, added socket notifications)
  • [*] Agent: Improved GUI in Visible Mode. Now more useful events are displayed
  • [*] Proxy: Improved explanation in Info buttons
  • [*] Agent Builder: minor GUI improvements on info logs
  • [*] Control Center: Fixed access violation error on agent disconnection
  • [*] Control Center: Minor GUI improvements
  • [*] Clipboard Manager: Fixed access violation error (when clipboard data was empty)
  • [*] GUI: Fixed wrong icon for “no ports listening” showing when ports were added, but all of them set to closed.
  • [*] GUI: Improvements in Local Setting sections
  • [*] GUI: Now when selecting multiple agents, and some of them are offline, it is still possible to use the functions menu (menu is no more greyed out)
  • [*] Now user is unable to enter invalid value for ping
  • [-] Removed “ping on host connection” option. Now set to ON by default. Seems pretty useless to have an option to turn this off.
  • [*] Stability: Thread safety: Fixed Controller access violation error in GeoLocalization thread, happening when socket was disconnected while doing geolocation
  • [*] Stability: Fixed various access violation errors in Remcos Controller. Errors related to select command on host disconnected
  • [*] GeoLocalization thread: Fixed leak: now handle is closed after usage

Full changelog here

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