Remcos v3.4.0 Update

This Remcos update features a new, more robust File Manager.
Now it is possible to download entire folders, also including subdirectories, in one click.
The overall File Manager experience has been improved thanks to
various GUI updates, new functions, and error fixes.
File download protocol has been optimized to be faster.

The new File Manager does NOT work with old Agents:
please update them.

Full changelog:

  • [+] File Manager: Added download folder function. Now it is possible to select a folder and download it entirely.
    The “Download” function will download all the files in the folder but will not iterate in subdirectories.
    The “Download Recursive” function will also download all subdirectories and their files.
    Note: In earlier Remcos version you could already download all files in a folder by selecting them all;
    but this new option is more convenient and lets you download folders and subfolders easily in 1 click.
  • [+] File Manager: Added “Stop all transfers” menu function
  • [+] File Manager: Added “Clear finished transfers” function in File Transfer Menu
  • [+] File Manager: Added “Delete local downloads folder” menu function
  • [+] File Manager: Added statusbar which displays useful informations
  • [+] File Manager: Total number of transfers is now displayed in the “File Transfers” tab.
  • [*] File Manager: Now pressing Enter on a directory will enter the directory (same as double click)
  • [*] File Manager: Now possible to change directory while a directory is still loading
  • [*] File Manager: Improved processing of folders with a huge number of files
  • [*] File Manager: Optimized download protocol: less data is transmitted in each packet, making download faster
  • [*] File Manager: Fixed error about managing files after manually editing directory
  • [*] Control Center: Minor GUI improvements
  • [*] Quality of life: Now pressing Enter on a connected agent in the connections list will open the favourite function (same as double click)
  • [*] Agent Builder: Fixed access violation error when double-clicking on empty selection in Builder Profiles list
  • [*] Agent: various code optimizations


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