Remcos v3.5.0 Update

Remcos v3.5 is a major update which greatly improves user experience with the addition of new useful features,
as well as optimizations of many existing ones.
Stability has been improved and numerous errors have been fixed.

Remcos v3.5 Update news
  • [+] New feature: Added Host Preview Panel. The Host Preview Panel provides you an immediate and comprehensive overview of the selected remote machine and quick access to the most used remote administration functions. The Preview Panel will display useful real-time info of the remote host: – Live video feed – CPU, RAM usage – Idle time and system uptime – Computer&Username – Operative System – Latency – Active Window By clicking on the live video feed, you can open the full-blown Screen Capture. Under the screen, you can find shortcut buttons to the most widely used remote administration functions (File Manager, Remote Shell, etc.). If you prefer the old interface without the Preview Panel, you can set it by disabling “Show Preview Panel” in Local Settings -> Preferences.

Numerous other improvements have been also introduced:

  • [+] Local Settings: Added options to switch Preview Panel ON/OFF
  • [+] GUI: When selecting one or multiple connected hosts, the name or total number of selected hosts will be displayed in the StatusBar.
  • [*] GUI: Removed flickering on statusbar when displaying many events in a short time
  • [*] Screen Capture: Optimized image decompression for smoother and faster Screen Capture
  • [*] Screen Capture: Fixed access violation error when sending mouse or keyboard input when socket was still not initialized.
  • [*] Screen Capture: Fixed access violation error when closing ScreenCapture form
  • [*] IP Localization: Now also LAN connections can be geolocated through public IP.
  • [*] IP Localization: Fixed error of unable to get localization when many connections were made in a short time
  • [*] Downloader: Now a dedicated thread is used to greatly improve performance when using the Downloader function on many computers at the same time.
  • [*] Downloader: Performance optimization when using Download from Local File on multiple hosts
  • [*] Downloader: Removed flickering when many computers selected
  • [*] Downloader: Form is now resizable
  • [*] Reverse Proxy: Fixed Access Violation Error after closing reverse proxy (accessing pointer to already freed thread istance)
  • [*] Reverse Proxy: Fixed memory leak in Reverse proxy ( PROXY_CONFIG and thread objects not freed)
  • [*] Password Recovery: Fixed Access violation when running password recovery on disconnected hosts
  • [*] Password Recovery: Smoother listviews scrolling without flickering (DoubleBuffering)
  • [*] Camera Capture: Capture is now started automatically after opening function(no need to click Start button)
  • [*] Camera Capture: Fixed form size constrains
  • [*] Camera Capture: Fixed access violation error when closing CamCapture form
  • [*] Control Center: Now Active Windows gets refreshed in real time
  • [*] Remcos Updater: Fixed failure to download Remcos update zip on Windows Server platforms
  • [!] Old Remcos agents not compatible with v3.5.0 due to the mentioned improvements. Old Remcos Agents must be updated to v3.5.0 to use Screen Capture and other functions.

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