Remcos v3.5.1 Update

This update improves the Builder interface. It also includes some tweaks for the File Manager, and various error fixes.

  • [*] File Manager: Changes on Folder Download:
    “Download” function on a folder will now download also all subfolders and their contents (same as what Dowload Recursive was doing before).
    “Download Recursive” will now create a full directory tree above the downloaded folder.
  • [*] Builder: Minor GUI improvements
  • [*] Builder: Improved error handling
  • [*] Builder: Fixed wrong file size displayed on build error
  • [*] Builder: Now the used packer option gets saved in the builder profile
  • [*] Builder: Now the “Packer output” panel gets displayed only when needed,
    thus leaving more space for the builder output view
  • [*] Registry Editor: Fixed access violation error when clicking on a registry value when socket was still not initialized
  • [*] Other minor GUI improvements
  • [*] Free Edition: Fixed access violation errors when exceeding connections limit


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