Remcos v3.6.0 Update

This Remcos Update improves many functions, adds more useful features,
and fixes various errors.

One new function we added is the Zip functionality in the file manager.
The Zip function can be very useful to improve performance and speed of your file transfers.
To speed up large folders/files tranfers, we added the “Zip + Download” button.
With this function you can conveniently zip and download files and folders in just one click.
Compared to downloading folders the normal way, the Zip + Download will improve transfer speed while using less bandwidth.

That’s not all!
This update improves Screen Capture in different ways.
First of all, it introduces full support in Screen Capture for monitors with DPI Scaling enabled.
This update also provides better support for multi-screen setups and fixes various errors.
Our own M-JPEG codec has received some optimizations to provide better ScreenCapture performance.

In addition to the above, the v3.6 Update improves many other functions and fixes various errors.
You can read the full changelog below.

  • [+] File Manager: Added Zip function
  • [+] File Manager: Added Unzip function
  • [+] File Manager: Added Zip + Download function
  • [+] File Manager: Added Zip + Download Recursive function
  • [*] File Manager: Fixed error which made the form impossible to close after hard disconnection.
  • [*] Screen Capture: Fixed whole screen not displayed on some systems. Issue was occurring on displays where scaling was not set to 100%
  • [*] Screen Capture: Fixed wrong coordinates for mouse input on displays where DPI scaling was not set to 100%
  • [*] Screen Capture: Fixed wrong coordinates for mouse input on some multi-screen systems (where screen coordinates were negative)
  • [*] Screen Capture: Fixed wrong coordinates for mouse input on multi-screen systems, when the video preview panel was enabled
  • [*] Screen Capture: Fixed error which made the form impossible to close after hard disconnection.
  • [*] Screen Logger: Image compression changed from PNG to JPG to improve transfer speed and save disk space and bandwidth
  • [*] Screen Logger: Better error handling when no screenshot taken
  • [*] Screen Logger: A message is now displayed when no screenshots have been taken yet
  • [*] Screen Logger: Performance improvements on screenshots encryption (now encryption fully done in memory – no disk operations) no load and delete file from disk
  • [*] Screen Logger: Fixed flickering in screenshots list
  • [+] Automatic Tasks: Now autotask list get saved and loaded automatically on Remcos Controller close/restart
  • [+] Automatic Tasks: Added option to enable Automatic Tasks automatically when Remcos Controller is started
  • [+] Automatic Tasks: Added Automatic Task for Activity Notification.
  • [+] Activity Notification: Now settings are saved and will be kept after restarting Remcos.
  • [+] Agent Builder: Added ProgramData directory option to Installation and other functions
  • [*] Agent Builder: Builder Profile list now resizable
  • [+] Downloader: Added “ProgramData” directory to download folder options
  • [*] Downloader: Now the file name gets updated automatically, but it is still possible to edit it manually if needed.
  • [*] Downloader: Minor GUI resizement improvements
  • [+] Agent Updater: Added “ProgramData” directory to folder options
  • [*] Fixed Windows 11 systems being detected as Windows 10 systems
  • [*] Control Center: Fixed error on hard disconnection
  • [*] Keylogger: Fixed error on hard disconnection
  • [*] Cam Capture: Fixed error when closing form after host disconnection
  • [*] GUI: Now when opening a function on multiple hosts at same time, the multiple forms get positioned automatically for a better user experience.
  • [*] GUI: Improved appearance of greyed-out items in menus
  • [*] GUI: Improved appearance of menus under Win11
  • [*] TLS: Fixed error when deleting tls folder/files and restarting Remcos Controller
  • [*] Remcos Controller: now compiled with the newest version of Delphi compiler.

[!] Due to the above improvements, it is necessary to update your Remcos Agents to use ScreenCapture and other functions.


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