Remcos v3.7.0 Update

This Remcos update adds new functions (Find, Highlight)
to manage your remote systems more quickly and easily, especially when managing many machines together.
The function buttons in the Right Panel are now customizable:
You can configure the buttons with your favourite and most used functions, so that you can access them more quickly.
The Camera plugin size has been optimized and it will load faster.
Remcos Controller size has been reduced by 2 MB.
Other optimizations have also been made.

  • [+] Now it is possible to customize the function shortcut buttons (in the right panel) with the functions you prefer.
    You can now open your favourite functions easier and quicker then ever.
    You can customize shortcut buttons in Local Settings -> Preferences
  • [+] Added “Highlight Connection” function. This function is useful to quickly mark and find specific agents when you have many connections.
  • [+] Added “Find Connection” function. Find an agent by Computer/User, IP, Assigned Name, OS, Active Window, Location and more.
    Very useful when managing many systems.
    Type Ctrl + F (or click on menu function) to open the search bar.
    Use F2/F3 to find previous/next.
  • [+] AutoTasks (Downloader): Added ProgramData directory option
  • [*] Improved connection stability: fixed agents sometimes disconnecting with ping timeout even when timeout wasn’t reached yet
  • [*] Camera Capture: Faster plugin loading
  • [*] Camera: GUI improvements
  • [*] GUI: Improved appearance of tab icons in custom themes
  • [*] Right Panel: Removed flickering when selecting different connection
  • [*] Solved ‘range check error’ when starting Remcos Controller.
  • [*] Remcos Controller file size decreased (from 28 MB to 26 MB)


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