Remcos v4.9.0 Update

This update improves the File Manager in many ways.
Performance when browsing and loading remote directories is now 4 times faster!
Thanks to this performance boost, folders with thousands of files can be loaded much more quickly.

Zip related functions (Zip, Unzip, Zip & Download) have been improved for better performance and stability:
Zipping or unzipping files or folders is now twice as fast as before!

File Manager stability has been also improved by fixing some resource leaks.
Fixed also some errors which made Remcos Agent or Controller crash when using File Manager.

Some quality of life improvements have also been added,
such as the auto-sorting of processes when opening Process Manager or Network Monitor.

⚑️ File Manager improved performance:
Listing files in a directory is now 4x faster!

πŸ—œ   Zip module improved performance:
With the new improved Zip module, zipping or unzipping is 2x faster!

πŸ—œ   Zip plugin optimized size:
230 kb older, vs 154 kb newer, for faster transmission to Remcos Agent.

βž• File Manager: Added Refresh shortcut button in toolbar

πŸ”© Zip Plugin improved stability: Fixed Remcos Agent crash when compressing folders with a large number of files.

πŸ”© File Manager: Fixed Unzip function not extracting subdirectories.

πŸ”© File Manager: Fixed resource leak causing Remcos Controller to crash, freeze, or show errors after browsing folders with many thousands of files.

πŸ”© File Search: Fixed resource leak.

πŸ”© Process Manager: Items are now automatically alphabetically sorted when opening form.

πŸ”© Network Monitor: Items are now automatically alphabetically sorted when opening form.

βœ…Β Note: There is no need to update your remote Remcos Agents, as all the improvements were done on Remcos Controller or in plugin modules.

Full Remcos Changelog here.

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  • I think the update should be on the following thing.
    1, Blacklisted IPs always come back online once you close and opening remcos
    2, offed ports always return back on after closing and opening remcos.
    3, its always displaying one annoying access violation thing i dont understand.
    4, keystroke is not grabbing anything
    5, its always crashing.
    6, it dose not recover opera.

    • Hello,
      The issues you mentioned probably are happening because you didn’t extract Remcos from the download zip.
      Make sure you extract Remcos, so that it has write access on its own folder.

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