Remcos Video | Remote Alarm & Activity Notification

In this video you can learn about one of Remcos surveillance features:
The Remote Alarm & Activity Notification function.
Setup a remote alarm or notification when somebody touches your computer.
Get notified remotely about unwanted access on your PC.
Option to configure the alarm to be triggered when the user opens some specific applications or webpages.
Option to configure the alarm to sound on your local machine only, or also on the remote machine.

This Remcos function is very useful in many scenarios, from parental monitoring,
up to protecting business computers and bank terminals from unwanted access.

This surveillance and security feature can work also stealthly,
so that the intruder does not notice that a remote alarm has been triggered.

You can combine this function with Camera, Microphone, ScreenCapture and other Remcos surveillance functions to see what’s going on and perform further actions.

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