Version changelog:

  * 1.2:

  • Removed CommonDialog component / comdlg32.ocx dependency:
    Now the Open/Save FileDialog is created dinamically, by calling comdlg32.dll functions. This removes the need of ocx file, and offers a small performance improvement as well.
  • Fixed bug which allowed the user to enter unexisting input file paths.
  • Form is now resizeable.
  • Program remained open if main form was closed while a secondary one was opened. Fixed.
  • Now you can enter custom filename and custom path also by pressing enter, along with the usual OK button.
  • Other minor improvements/changes.

  * 1.1:

  • The method to add settings has been changed from 1.0.
    1.0 added data at EOF, 1.1 adds it as a resource.  This makes the binder compatible with crypters, packers or similar software.

  * 1.0 (14 october 2009):

  • First version of Viotto Binder, released open source.