Dear members, 

Recently, we purchased the new domains and,
which are both pointing to the original and primary domain

We opened a poll asking for your opinion,
about which name to keep as the primary one. 
Which name is more unique, memorable, and sticks to the mind for longer?
Which name suits our company best? 

All of the names rapresent us:
we specialize in software, security, security of the software,
but we are also specialized in offensive security and ethical hacking (hence our original name

As your opinion is valuable to us, as always, we listened to it and acted based on customers feedback.

Here are the poll results as of now:

As you can see, most of you choose our original name, so we are going to keep that.
The other domains will redirect to that.

If you would like to add your opinion, the poll is still open:

Thank you for your feedback, we always appreciate it and it helps us greatly to improve.

Best regards,
the team

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