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CyberGuard is an Anti-Malware solution, designed to block the majority of malware, including: viruses, ransomware, trojan horses, backdoors.
Thanks to its behavioral scanner, CyberGuard can block malware even if encrypted or undetected by signature based scanners.

You can find a full description on its webpage.

How does CyberGuard work?

CyberGuard uses a combination of techniques to detect threats:

Static Scanner
Scans files signature to evaluate trust level.

Behavior Scanner
Scans process behavior in runtime for any suspicious action.

Network Scanner
Scans network connections from processes:
blocks backdoors, trojan downloaders, remote access trojans,
and hacker intrusions.

File Access Scanner
Protects your sensible files from suspicious processes, hackers and ransomware.

Process Access Scanner
Scans for injection attemps or attempts to access external processes.

Kernel-Level System-Wide Monitoring
All process monitoring and blocking is performed at kernel level through a driver.
Kernel Level Monitoring provides an efficient and powerful technique for system-wide protection.


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9 reviews for CyberGuard Professional

  1. RemoteShell (verified owner)

    I use CyberGuard mainly during my job as a malware analyst, to test malware inside my VMs.
    What I like most about this program is that in case of need I can view all suspicious events of active processes in real time.
    Everything works automatically based on the program’s AI but in rare cases it is the user who has to decide whether to authorize a process or not.
    Basically, the free version is just a firewall.
    Things really get more interesting with the Professional version which is a full antimalware.
    Along with the network scanner, this one has a file access scanner, process access scanner, an injector detector and so on.
    Most of the malware I run on my vms gets blocked, did run some trojans, ransomware and an exe infector virus.

    Not perfect but quite good, I would say in line with most other antimalware.
    I use it for my office PC too.

    • Viotto (verified owner)

      Thank you so much for your review!
      We are glad to hear that our software is proving to be effective for your job.

  2. david.brandtner (verified owner)

    I am not a pro user but I was looking for a pro side antimalware. Once I knew about CyberGuard I registered it in my brain-saved buying list for a good time to upgrade my Windows security relying on a free software.
    Money well spent, I am happy with CyberGuard.
    It doesn’t bother you with pop-up windows which clogs your GUI and slow down things. It is a rabid underground dog which doesn’t exist till clenches its teeth. Very fast and very light weight.
    In general user interface is minimal, small, but quite practical at the end, without useless fancy-pants graphics.
    AI Learning is a very user friendly feature that opens a time window for the first setup run. In second occasions it helps you to resolve easily a blocked process that relies on multiple files: once you checked recurring blocked activities and you see they belong to a common process you launch AI Learning and it’s done.
    At the end what I can say is that I feel more safe than before, that is the juice.

    • Viotto (verified owner)

      Thank you very much for your detailed review, David!
      Much appreciated.

  3. Gilgamesh

    Nothing beats it the free version is better then most anti virus out there so must I say more?

  4. fSociety

    Honestly, I have only been able to test the free version of Cyberguard, but it is a programme that has great potential.

    It is true that in the TESTS I did some time ago, there were certain threats that it didn’t manage to stop, but of course, I don’t know if having the paid version would not have happened…

    So for the moment, 10 out of 10! 😉

  5. obika

    CyberGuard was used by my IT crew in a test to get rid of of total resistance of malware using visiual techniques.CyberGuard is rated one of the topnotch in security and a high resistance.

  6. Pounds

    I am happy , using Cyberguard ,

  7. Mohamed el manssor

    I have been using CyberGuard for over 2 years. Never had a virus or my computer compromised. I recommend it to all of my family and friends. As an IT Specialist, you with the best protection possible.

  8. psbd

    I have been testing Cyberguard free edition and in my opinion it is a solid product.
    First of all the user interface is very simple and clean which makes it very easy to navigate and configure Cyberguard.
    Cyberguard spits out a lot of information to the user, Everything from actions taken – Activity – Process info and much more! Which is very nice for investigation and monitoring.
    Cyberguard is in my opinion the ultimate lightweight Antivirus solution. It takes up very few system resources while still providing solid features and monitoring functions.
    Unfortunately i myself was limited to the FREE version so i cannot say anything about the premium version it might use more system resources but i assume that it works very well also.
    Maybe the developer could release a premium trail someday i would gladly post a review of it!
    Overall this looks like a great piece of software to get if you are really looking for a super lightweight solution and a nice clean UI!

  9. wa7ed

    CyberGard and breakingSecurity products for me specialy and as general look for any one from first see are special ; see a kind of unique care building way ; include professionnality and optimizing ;
    the usage reason of this tools is deferent and depend from one to author -client ; most in view is protection and penetration testing as a kind of descovering ; also a kind of integrity with the cyber security world
    spaming is one of uses witch recomanded to not go for; and it can be list as cyber wepon for carried pentesters
    not obliged to find a special and specific use ; the remote control section is the main rol one of computer machines
    what to say about breakingSecurity Products finaly it s not all about technical function on main rol and stop ; but the fun take important place here its about chalange and fun and efect also power ………. like said mainely again : Knowledge is Power / and chalenge.

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