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  • CyberGard and breakingSecurity products for me specialy and as general look for any one from first see are special ; see a kind of unique care building way ; include professionnality and optimizing ;
    the usage reason of this tools is deferent and depend from one to author -client ; most in view is protection and penetration testing as a kind of descovering ; also a kind of integrity with the cyber security world
    spaming is one of uses witch recomanded to not go for; and it can be list as cyber wepon for carried pentesters
    not obliged to find a special and specific use ; the remote control section is the main rol one of computer machines
    what to say about breakingSecurity Products finaly it s not all about technical function on main rol and stop ; but the fun take important place here its about chalange and fun and efect also power ………. like said mainely again : Knowledge is Power / and chalenge.

  • Dear users,
    thank you so much to all of you for the support you showed us,
    and for taking your time to write about your personal experience with our products.

    Time to announce the lucky winners of the contest!!


    1° prize: 1 Year License

    2° prize: 6 Months License

    3° prize: 1 Month License
    Monkey Bizness



    Poseidon Mailer:
    Mohamed el manssor

    Thanks again to everybody who offered their time to write their feedback about our products,
    we invite you to join and keep an eye on our Telegram for future contests and updates.

    Best regards,


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